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10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin.

The days are gone when glowing skin was only a woman’s priority. Everyone learns a glowing, nourished and healthier skin, no matter whether it’s a male or female. Modern lifestyle does not allow us to take proper care of our skin and that is the reason usually people go for cosmetics and other expensive treatments. But we all know that nothing can beat the goodness of natural products. Do you know the top-secret ingredients of glowing skin are in your kitchen? Let’s find out some home remedies for glowing skin.

  1. Honey: Honey is excellent for skin when taken internally or externally as well. Take one teaspoon of honey and massage on your dry-skinned face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash. You will see it makes not only your skin softer but it gives a glow. Make sure that you are using raw honey only.
  2. Turmeric: One of the most used spices in the kitchen. This yellow-coloured spice contains Curcumin, which has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can treat acne, heal injuries (including sun damage), and bring out your skin’s natural glow. Mix one part of turmeric into two parts of water and make a thick paste. Apply to skin and wash after it dries. It can also be mixed up with other home remedies like honey.
  3. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is best for normal to dry skin, it helps to repair the skin’s outer barrier, provide anti-bacterial protection, reduce inflammation, slow skin ageing and promote healing. You can use only coconut oil or add sugar, salt, or baking soda to make a scrub. If using alone, you can leave it overnight before rinsing. The scrub should be washed off after 15-20 minutes of applying.
  4. Olive Oil: Olive oil acts as an antioxidant for the skin. It helps to repair skin damage and reduce early ageing of the skin. It’s not only great for the skin but also gives it a nice shiny glow. Take a few drops of olive oil and apply on your face and neck every night before going to bed. Massage gently in an upward direction for 2-3 minutes. Now dip a towel in warm water and rinse it off, use it to gently wipe off the excess oil on the face and neck.
  5. Orange: Orange juice is well known for a source of vitamin C and it also helps in detoxification. For glowing skin, take a few pieces of orange peel and grind it with a few drops of rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your face and rise after 15 minutes with cool water.
  6. Cucumber: Cucumber is the best home remedy for dry skin, dark circles, and wrinkles. It has the same pH value as that of our skin. It replenishes the protective layer of skin, keeps it hydrates and promote glowing skin. Apply the cucumber juice on your skin and wash it with Luke warm water when it dries.
  7. Papaya: Papaya is also one of the secret beauty ingredients. It is not only good for your liver but it helps to glow your skin as well. Papaya acts as a gentle exfoliator and removes inactive protein cells and dead skin cells that results in a perfect glowing skin.
  8. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants. It keeps our skin soft and glowing. It also prevents acne, sunburns and prevents wrinkles. Aloe Vera can be consumed in form of juice or smoothie. You can directly apply its juice or gel on the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes after application and rinse with cool water.
  9. Milk: Milk controls the level of Tyrosine in our skin. Tyrosine is a melanin controlling hormone in our body which leads to darkening of the skin. Apply raw milk to the skin or you can use it with other ingredients to make a paste.
  10. Water: How can we skip the H2O? Our skin needs hydration to stay dewy and clear and what else can do this except water. Keep your water bottle every time with you and keep sipping throughout the day. Drinking sufficient amount of water keep your skin soft, glowing and free from many skin problems. It depends on your age and body that how much water you need to consume every day. According to many research reports, an average person should drink 9-12 cups water a day.

So, which remedy are you trying out today!



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