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5 Science-Based Hacks to boost Your Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to be fit. Everyone dreams of big biceps and crunchy abs; they enhance your personality as well as your looks. But for fitness, we need to make efforts like hitting the gyms, doing cardio exercises, and have a balanced diet. Although with this, we need to do the accountability of exercises or workout in a day is much needed. The counting of exercise on an everyday basis is hard. Also, we need a fixed diet and workout plan that is hard to maintain. So, maintaining health and fitness is hard? No, because we bring you the Hacks that will help you to enhance your fitness and health.

Hack 1.Become friends with stairs


One of the old sayings read “the more you walk, the longer you live.” People believe that you need to exercise a lot to make it count. There is no such thing as this, using stairs it will give you the same result. Suppose you are working in a multilevel office building. So, rather than using a lift, you use the stair to go to your specific level. Doing this gives the same result as doing abs exercise or cardio in the gyms. 

Hack 2. Eat nuts

Nobody wants fats in their diet but fats come along with every food. There is one type of food which gives you everything but no fats. Nuts! Yeah, you heard it right. Nuts like almond, cashew, peanuts, etc. will provide you with the essential vitamins and micronutrients which you need for your body, except the fat that is not good for the body. Some reports found that nuts contain essential fats that are good for the body and give you lean mass. BodyBuilders eats a lot of nuts to gain mass. By including this in your diet plan, you can get good health and fitness.

Hack 3. Do Intermittent Fasting

Do Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is becoming a trend around. More and more people are following this alternative way of eating. There are some benefits you get from intermittent fasting :

  • Energy boost throughout the day.
  • Easier to maintain your body weight.
  • Improved sensitivity of insulin the body.
  • The enhanced cognitive focus during the fasting period.
  • Improved recovery after the gyms workout or any other exercises.
  • Many people prefer this because it saves time.


Hack 4. Morning workout for health and fitness

Morning workout

Doing an early workout will enhance the circulation of blood throughout your body. The timings of doing exercises matters a lot. Rather than doing in the evening, early morning is more preferable. One hour of morning exercise boosts your mood throughout your day. One problem people face is not doing morning exercise but the habit or consistency. Some people break their routines in between and get demotivated. Rather than start slowly with one exercise like push-ups then increase week by week as per your routine or schedule. By doing an early morning workout, you will be productive throughout your day.

Hack 5. Take proper rest/ break: Health and Fitness

Take proper rest/ break


Going hard or doing exercises is a great thing. But if you don’t take rest you will not get that performance or not get to that peak which you want to reach. According to some reports published in the Journey Cell, researchers find out that rats’ performance gets increases after they perform in the maze after rest. From this, we can conclude that during the rest period, the body is in the recovery mode. The muscles we break in exercises and the things which we want to remember everything occurs in the rest time. So. taking rest in one of the most necessary things to do for your health and fitness.

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