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9 Best food for diabetes

Best food for diabetes: Inactive lifestyle, bad food habits, hypertension result in various diseases. Diabetes is one of them. It is considered the most common disease that affects almost every age group. Out of 10 people in the world, 6 of them are diabetic patients. A diabetic person has both lower and higher blood sugar levels. Extreme excess as well deficiency of it causes problems. The disease could be cured by following simple food habits and slight changes in our lifestyles. These 9 foods will surely help in your diabetic control. These foods are according to the Indian diet, therefore, could be easily prepared at homes.

9 Best food for diabetes

1. Green leafy veggies

These are a very good source of Iron and Vitamin C and K. Especially Spinach is considered as a superfood for diabetic patients. They are highly nutritious and have low carbs content, therefore, doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels. Instead, they lower the sugar and insulin levels.

2. Chapatti and Oats

For a diabetic patient Chapatti (roti) with fibre-rich flour is the best way to control their sugar levels. Oats are also proven to be helpful.

3. Fish

For non-vegetarians, fish is a great source of protein that can be used for controlling blood sugar levels. Fish is rich in Omega – 3 therefore
it helps to reduce inflammation.

4. Eggs

Everyone knows that egg is a very good source of protein. It not only helps in building muscles but also increases good cholesterol levels in the human body. Its daily consumption can truly be effective for blood sugar level reduction. It also reduces heart health risks.

5. Broccoli

If I have to choose among the most nutrient-rich vegetables, my first choice would be Broccoli. Apart from being a low-calorie food,
it’s a good source of vitamin A. This super-nutritious veggie helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. It contains healthy plant compounds that
help to fight against various other diseases.

6. Cinnamon and Garlic

If you want to prepare food for a diabetic person try to add cinnamon and garlic to it. Both of these spices are proven for maintaining sugar levels. They also lower own the cholesterol levels of the body.

7. Beans

Beans are considered highly nutritious and super healthy food for diabetic patients. They may act as another superfood for the prevention of diabetes.

8. Nuts

A diabetic person should start the morning with sugar-free tea along with some nuts. Nuts are scrumptious which contains high nutrients
content. Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios,etc. may help people to increase heart health and lower the risk of heart disease. It also improves blood sugar levels.

9. Sweet potatoes

A Diabetic person should prefer sweet potatoes over white potatoes. They are highly believed to increase blood sugar levels but at a slower pace. Doctors believe that sweet potatoes improve haemoglobin levels which ultimately helps to control blood sugar levels.

Apart from these foods, Diabetic patients should also eat fruits. Fruits contain natural sugars so they do not hamper the blood sugar
levels. There are various fruits that a sugar patient may eat. Apples, berries(strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), bananas, citrus
fruits are good for a diabetic patient. Usually, fruit should be consumed in its natural forms instead of fruits syrups.

These 9 Best food for diabetes if included in a diabetic patient’s diet could truly be beneficial for the person. Such foods lower and improve the
cholesterol levels plus it helps in blood sugar levels control. Healthy eating habits can help in curing diabetes.


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