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An easy guide on how to stop yourselves from picking at your skin

Sometimes or others we might have taken the finger cuticles, lips scales, and the scabs out of our injuries. And we don’t even know why we did that and when we did that. Pulling out the skin in such a manner is normal up till you are not a daily doer of it and till the time it does not affect you. But the point when it starts affecting you as a habit then it serves as a clear invitation to the problem. In this article, we will be discussing a few of the tips by which you can prevent your urge to touch your skin repeatedly.

This problem of scabbing and touching the pimples, acne, sores of the skin, and itching every time results in a disorder called skin picking. Skin picking is medically known as Dermatillomania or Excoriation is an overwhelming urge to pick out the skin. And this is not an unusual thing.5% of the people in the world suffer from this problem. So if you are tired of this habit of yours and want a remedy for it then this article is for you. In this article, we will be discussing a few of the tips by which you can prevent your urge to touch your skin repeatedly.

The remedies including are as follows:

1. Apply Hydro colloidal pimple pack or spot dots
These hydro colloidal pimple packs when applied to your pimples or acne can prevent your hands from directly touching them.
Spot dots act as physical barriers between your fingers and exposed skin. They also facilitate healing.

2.Find out what triggers you the most and try to abstain from it.

3.Wear long pants and long sleeves clothes so that you may get a less exposed area for your urge.

4. Use Doctor recommended moisturizers on your skin to control itchiness and of course the urge.

5.Try to keep your hands busy so that you may avoid them touching your skin. Wear gloves to cover them.

6. Avoid any sharp objects like tweezers around you. Especially when you sit idly.

7. Try to keep yourself busy so that you don’t find a time for picking out the skin.

8.If the problem persists contact a dermatologist.
Apart from personal care, many people ask questions regarding its medical cure.

  • Usually, a dermatologist goes with CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).
  • It includes two methods namely:
  • Habit Reversal technique and Mindfulness CBT which includes mediation and stress relieving methods.
  • Both methods have their specific relevance and are proven medical treatments for the cure of Excoriation(skin-picking).

There are also a few FAQS about this problem. Some of them are:

1. Is skin picking a mental illness?

Many dermatologist regard skin picking as a form of the obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD) in which a patient unknowingly or habitually touches skin which in long run leads to disruption, lesions, bumps, open sores, and scars on the skin. So yes it is a kind of mental disorder
triggered by various factors.

2.Is picking at your skin a sign of anxiety?

Usually people pick out the skin when they suffer from emotional triggers like anxiety, depression, boredom, anger, sadness, stress, and tension. Such factors overpower a person’s mind and he gradually picks out the skin to ease such emotional factors without knowing its harm. People find skin picking a source of relief.

Skin picking proves to be a mental disorder when it becomes a habit. It could be easily cured if someone’s emotional triggers are balanced. Regular mindfulness practice can help people to know about their skin picking urges. If such an urge pops up then to divert your mind shift yourselves to other chores.

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