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Are Tattoos Safe for People with Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease in which occurs in form of growing skin cells quickly in a particular region of our body. This happens when there is some problem with our immune system. In that case, if a person having Psoriasis should consider some important points before he/she is going to have a tattoo on his/her body. 

Tattoos are a form of body art that is very popular these days especially among the youth. People who want to get a tattoo but having Psoriasis should keep some important factors in their minds before they go for it. First of all the presence of the disease on the skin can decide where the body to get a tattoo is easy or not. Persons having Psoriasis have a higher risk of reaction called Koebner Phenomenon, which may lead the infection to the next level. The Koebner Phenomenon causes Psoriasis plaques to format a particular place where damage has occurred because of tattoo needle piercing.

Psoriasis affects differently to different persons. Therefore it’s nearly impossible for doctors to predict in a common way for all that who is at risk and who is not, for getting a tattoo. Further, we will talk about the factors a person with Psoriasis should consider before getting a tattoo. 


The first and very important factor one should consider before getting the tattoo is choosing the location for the tattoo. Always try to get a tattoo on that part where the skin changes do not occur usually. A flare may occur when the tattoo needle pierces the body. If it continues after the tattoo is done, it may be harmful.

Infection and Allergy:

 A person having Psoriasis has always the risk of getting the infection and allergic reaction with the tattoo. During injecting the tattoo dye, there are several harmful chances attached. Many bacteria and other harmful germs also enter into the skin. It may lead the infection.

Possibility of Refusal: 

Since Psoriasis is a skin inflammatory disease, some tattoo artists can refuse to make a tattoo on the body of such a person. In some regions, laws prohibit such tattoo artists who applied tattoos on a person with active Psoriasis or Eczema.



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