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Are You Dealing With Loneliness? Let’s Solve It Now!

Feeling alone and lonely is a common factor the youth is facing for the past year at an increased rate. With the advancement in technology, the youth feels alone and lonely as electronic gadgets can never improve their peace of mind.
All these technologies just add to your depression at a greater level by distancing you from our near and dear ones. Dealing with loneliness is not everyone’s cup of tea. As loneliness strikes millions amid lockdown due to lack of interaction and imposed restrictions, it may drastically affect us. The youth is falling prey to loneliness which paves the way to severe health issues like anxiety and depression. It is thus mandatory to look for ways to cope with feeling alone and lonely and successfully overcome it.

What is Loneliness?

Loneliness is a complex mental and emotional phenomenon that can be defined in several ways. Loneliness is a state of being alone and lonely not just physically but rather a perception of being alone. This perception of feeling empty is a deep one and has a meaning in depth where you have several questions about your existence and feeling very low, sad, and unimportant. It’s a state of mind and not just a physical attribute. A person can be well surrounded by all the luxurious and best company but yet feel sad and lonely. So definitely having good company won’t work out here and we thus need to look for ways to deal with loneliness. If you are dealing with loneliness, read the article till the end.


You Can Fight Loneliness In Seconds!

Coping with loneliness needs good strength and willpower. This is because our emotions and feelings are not understood by others around us and they know what’s going on but rather pretend to ignore us. So, coping with loneliness is a great challenge to deal with.
To deal with loneliness it’s essential to figure the root cause to deal effectively with this emotional state. This means we need a solution to avoid feeling a lack of companionship; even if we start coping with loneliness by surrounding near and dear ones. You may also be a helping hand to someone who is too dealing with loneliness.  Here we have come up with a few steps that studies show in dealing with loneliness. Out of these given steps, you need to try out the step that works well for your emotional state.

Do What Makes You Feel Better| No More Dealing With Loneliness Now!

Locking yourself alone and listening to emotional songs won’t heal you but rather will make the matter worse. This is what we assume might benefit us but rather it hurt us immensely. Thus, we need to look for ways to make us feel happy and at peace and avoid feeling sad and lonely. Are you feeling alone and lonely? There are several ways to feel better and among them some are:

  • Being around family and friends
  • Listening to a motivational speaker
  • Reading novels
  • Painting
  • Decorating your room
  • Going out for a walk
  • Playing with a pet cat
  • Cooking
  • Learning
  • Traveling

Find The Purpose Of Life| Stop Dealing With Loneliness Today!

This step is the most essential step without which your soul can’t find inner peace in this world and in the hereafter. The purpose of life is what keeps us alive and makes us keep going. Many people wander aimlessly thus feeling sad and lonely and ending their lives. Our life is precious and this life is just a test. The test is very simple which teaches us to worship none other than one Creator i.e., the Lord of the worlds. We live life and believe only in one unseen Creator. The promise of heaven and hell makes us do practice what is right and leave what’s wrong. Thus, we live a life to please our Creator and thus find peace in His incomparable love.

One important step over here is that you first need to have knowledge of Rabb. Achieving knowledge will help you to be more closer and focused on Him. You will then be in immense love with him for sure. This love will add beauty and meaning to your life. Even in your darkest and sad times, you will know that this worldly life is just a test. The description of paradise will motivate you and you will feel deep love from Rabb. This would finally help you in dealing with loneliness.

Keep Yourself Busy

Keeping yourself busy with a to-do list is among the best ways to avoid feeling empty.
When you are free and have got no work to do, several thoughts of past and future including regrets cross your mind. These thoughts can lead to anxiety and depression if not controlled. If you keep yourself busy by properly planning your day, you will for sure have no time to feel alone. For this, you need to plan a perfect schedule for your day that you can follow without being stressed. Make a simple to-do list with urgent tasks to complete for a day. This will bring out positive results in your daily routine and will keep you motivated for a long.

So, friends, these were the basic three steps to look forward to if you are willing to get rid of loneliness, sadness, and feeling empty. If you make your mind to it and avoid feeling empty and lonely, you have to leave ways that cause you this emotional state. These steps apart from aiding you to cope with loneliness will help you be extra positive and energetic. This eventually will result in a successful life.


Question: Why do sometimes I feel alone?
The basic reason behind feeling alone is that we depend too much on this world rather than seeking help from the Creator. We love this world so much. And, thus find disappointments when left alone with nobody to understand us. You should look for good friends and thus end up feeling sad and lonely.

Question: Is feeling sad and lonely a sign of depression?
Feeling sad and lonely can occur at any time. This thus is not a sign of depression. However not dealing with loneliness can definitely cause anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Thus there is an important need to cope with loneliness when you do fell



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