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Hey guys!! A breezy hi from this side. This summer season is just getting hotter than ever. A place with no air conditioner making us sweat within seconds. Even if you are just sitting you feel sweaty and lethargic. However, the summer season is not that bad as we get to enjoy chilled ice-creams, shakes, smoothies, get to do pool parties with friends and to play around beaches, etc. Strawberry milkshake has my heart, tell yours? Here are some useful habits that we all must follow to beat the heat during the summer season:

1. Punch the heat with seasonal fruits and veggies:

Apart from having junk food, have light and frequent meals. Junk food is only good for the tongue but can cause bad impacts on the stomach. Have seasonal fruits and veggies with more water content like watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, lemon juice, pineapple shakes, etc. Seasonal food items help in reducing pesticide intake and you eat fresh and natural. It’s no lie that the juicy and most colourful fruits and veggies are those that are in season.

2. Skincare is MUST!:

Temperature now days is too high to handle. You should always apply sunscreen to all exposed parts before stepping out in the harsh heated sun. Be it male or female everyone’s skin needs to be taken care of.
wash your face often
use aloe vera gel to soothe irritated skin, rashes, etc.
some good sunscreens are VLCC Anti Tan sunscreen lotion, Hello Bello (Walmart) mineral lotion.

3. Stay Indoors:

As you all know about the Covid-19 pandemic and sweaty summers, we all should restrict outdoor activities as much as we can. STAY INDOOR, STAY SAFE.

4. Stay hydrated:

Summer season can leave your body dehydrated to large extent, thereby causing diseases like headaches, fever, and chills. It is said that the human body requires 2-3 liters of water per day. Some benefits of drinking water are:
You feel fresh and active,
Glowing skin and
Fewer chances of acne.

5. Exercises/ Yoga

Doing exercises or yoga in the summer season improves your ability to cool yourself.
improves memory.
increases vitamin D in your body that decreases lifestyle disease risk
decreases chances of depression

6. Use sunglasses/ Take care of your eyes

The UV rays of the sun are harsh for our eyes. It causes redness and irritation. Especially we should wear sunglasses before stepping out in the heated sun. Some easy to find eye drops are I- tone, rosewater.

7. Plan your trips:

Getting bored due to quarantine and summer’s heat? Here’s a thing you can do 🙂 Plan trips with your family and friends to your dream places.

8. Wear light fabrics:

Do wear light fabrics only as they are body friendly and cool.
Wear cotton and linen
Shield yourself from hot winds. You may use masks, shrugs, and scarfs, etc.
Undoubtedly use umbrellas while doing outdoor activities.
So these were some easy to do things that we should do in our summer life. Let me know in the comment box if the blog is useful. STAY SAFE! STAY HEALTHY!



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