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How To Cure Arthritis With Turmeric

How to cure Arthritis with Turmeric: As we get old our body becomes weak. A lot of diseases occur in different people. Arthritis is one of the most common that occurs to a lot of people. Also, Arthritis is a joint disorder of inflammation that occurs in one or more joints, causing pain and stiffness that can worsen with age. Different types of arthritis exist, each with different causes including wear and tear. Along with it is a sign of infections and underlying diseases. The first and easily affected joint is the knees. According to the scientific studies, 10 percent of men and 13 percent of women have arthritis. OTC and other medications can offer relief but they have side effects.


The side effects of these medicines are kidney stones, kidney damage, and heart-related problems. A recent study has found that Turmeric has those property and chemicals which can help to relieve pain. This Turmeric powder is a popular Indian spice which they use for daily purposes. Also, the Turmeric spice is famous in Ayurvedic medicine and easily available in India. Experts also say that turmeric has increasingly clear evidence of health benefits. There is ingredient curcumin which is present in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And the reason it is widely used in the food and also as a medicine.

These are some benefits of the Turmeric for arthritis given below,

Anti-inflammatory drug
Some trails occur and the effectiveness of turmeric to that of an anti-inflammatory drug called diclofenac. Those who take these pills have shown significant pain relief. It is also known as joint pain medicine and can be considered as the best cure for arthritis.

Powerful antioxidant
Curcumin shows to be a robust scavenger of oxygen-free radicals which are chemically active molecules that damage cells of the body. Also, this is best for cardiovascular disease. So, curcumin can play a part in preventing and managing heart disease.

Anti-cancer effects
Research shows that turmeric powder can slow down and eliminate the formation of cancer. And also, contribute to the death of cancerous cells. The turmeric and curcumin are also able to counteract the effects of some carcinogens. The additives used in processed food.

Help with skin conditions
According to the reports and research, Turmeric shows to reduce the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Makes brain strong
Turmeric powder adds in the milk will boost your brain and also, increase the blood flow. It may help to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Along with this, it reduces inflammation as well as the build-up of protein plaques in the brain. Also, the curcumin was effective as an anti-depressant in treating depression. Along with boosting the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. People can take turmeric powder as per their requirements and need. Some people take organic turmeric capsules and also in turmeric powder form. Some eat with food and some drinks.


STEP 1: add 1 tea-spoon of turmeric and black pepper to 2 cups of water

STEP 2: boil the mixture for 10 mins

STEP 3: you may add milk, honey or lemon as per taste.

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