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Due to the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is fighting together. As no vaccination is implemented so far, but there is the best way to fight against this pandemic and that is to build our immunity stronger, and abiding by the government norms. People can follow several measures to stay away from this pandemic. There are some COVID-19 tips that people can adopt but the most important tip to fight against this COVID-19 is to make our immunity/ immune system stronger. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed to this statement.


There are some measures given below to strengthen our immune system against COVID-19:

Consuming immunity-boosting foods and vitamins

One must take the following immunity-boosting food – Immunity boosting vegetables for instance carrot, cantaloupes, spinach, dark leafy greens; and immunity-boosting fruits like citrus fruits, apple, kiwi, and strawberries.
Vitamin A, C, and D are included in these fruits and vegetables. These vitamins help us to make our immune system stronger and fight against the COVID-19. They act as prone during this pandemic especially for the old people.

Must take 7-8 hours sleep

An authentic way to boost immunity is to sleep well. It is said, that one must take 7 to 8 hours sleep. During sleep a human body recovers naturally from the wear and tear. Sleeping not only overcome tiredness or lethargic but also built our immunity to fight against COVID-19

Drinking 8 to 7 glass water every day

One of the best ways to increase our immunity is to stay hydrated and this can only be possible by drinking plenty of water every day. There are some drinks which boost our immune system such as coconut water and fresh fruit juices beside this consuming enough water entire day helps us staying hydrated.

Home workout exercises are mandatory to boost our immunity

Home workout exercises are another alternative way to remove toxins from our body through sweat. One must keep in mind not to skip home workout exercises during this COVID-19 time .some of the best workout exercises that can be done at home are push-ups, running on the spot, rope-skipping, and forward lunges.

Adopt these 2 steps:

Staying at home for so long be boring and stressful both which may affect adversely our immune system. to improve are good mental health physically and mentally with the immunity test for COVID-19 measures are given below :

Meditate regularly

Meditation is the best way to relax is mind from the stress, chaos, and distractions which may effect is immune system one must do 10 minutes meditation every day not only throughout the day but also as a whole. A peaceful mind helps us to take the better decision at the right time.

Say no to smoking and drinking alcohol:

Smoking is very harmful to the body, it weakens our respiratory system. On the other hand, alcohol reduces our immunity while consuming this type of substance one can easily catch the virus. So its better to avoid these types of toxic substances if one wants to build immunity strong.

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