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Best Short Hairstyles for Men in 2021

With the changing trend of styling hair, you must have seen people lurking for short hair fashion in recent times. The not only variance in girls short hairstyles is getting mass attention but also the hairstyle for short hair men are in trend. From teenage boys and girls to adult men and women, everyone is getting any of the trending haircut or hairstyles for themselves. Do you also want to get a haircut for yourself or want to know about hairstyles for short hair men and women but you are confused with what hairstyle to go on with? So here are some hairstyle for short hair men and women to help you choose which hairstyle you want to get:

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Side part:


This is one of the very usual and very common hairstyle for short hair men and also among the most popular girl short hairstyle. After being so common also this style is still in trend as the decency that this hairstyle carries cannot be matched. If you are a professional or a businessperson you can go with the style without any doubt. Also if your hair is slightly longer than usual you can still keep this hairstyle. Definitely can be said as one of the women and men’s medium short hairstyle.

Angular fringe:

This hairstyle is one of the very popular hairstyles followed by men and girls with short hair. It gives you a very classic and clean look and also if you have a very round face, this is the hairstyle that would perfectly suit your face cut. The hairstyle has less hair on the sides and short hairs on the top of your head. The look is also very versatile and it can go on with any face cut. Ultimately one of the very best short hairstyle for men and women with short hair.


French crop:

French crop can be the best hairstyle for short hair men especially if you have fine hair. Short from the edges, this hairstyle gives you a burst of volume on the top of your head. These hairstyles give you a look of very serious personality along with if you are a sports person, you should probably go on with this hairstyle. Very comfortable during the summer season, this hairstyle for short hair men can be the one you can choose.

Short push up hairstyle:

This is also one of the very popular hairstyles among today’s youth. It is a very flexible hairstyle with a thicker top and shorter edges. If you have hairs with volume, you can go on with this style. It would be very comfortable for you as you would have less hair on your edges that would be easily adjustable. You can just take a gel or wax to fix the hair on top and you will get a very classy and alluring look. It is one of the best hairstyles for short hair men.


This hairstyle can be for you if you have medium hair and don’t want to get a hair cut. This style has shorter sides and full-length side bangs in men and women but it will only look great when you know how to style it. This hairstyle can make you look very different from the crowd, also if you are a musician or an artist this look can enhance your personality.

Textured style:

Another simple yet classy hairstyle for short hair men is the textured style. Again this style is for you if you have thicker hair, with cleaner edges and volume on top. This should be also suitable for you if you have straight hair. This hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles in recent times.

Scissor cut:

This is one of the best hairstyles for short hair men especially if you are in middle age. This style provides you hair volume all over your head to make the hair thinning on the front of your head negligible. Also can help you look more experienced and serious.

Short hair with drop fade:

If you have curly and messy hair, this can be the hairstyle of your choice. Short hair on the edges, slightly hair volume on the top of head this hairstyle for short hair men would give you a perfect personality of your youth. It’s trying on hairstyle if you have curly hair.

These were a few of the very trending hairstyles for short hair men and girls short hairstyles. These hairstyles are very simple yet decent that you can choose for your personality. Also, there are a few styles that are suitable for you if you have curly or slightly longer hair. So now you can choose from this style for yourself which would be the best hairstyle for you.


Q1. Which clothes would look good with short hair?
T-shirts and damaged jeans, off-shoulder top and shirt with pants or skirt, crop topsand full hand length top look awesome with short hair. Off-shoulder dresses are best recommended as it will help to give more focus on your short hair and you can also wear big earning to make your personality look more attractive and beautiful.

Q2. Is short hair trending in 2021?
Yes, it’s trending as short hairs are becoming more popular. Also the pixie the cut is the trending short hair cut in the new year 2021 as it looks classy and is very easy to style.

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