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Black Fungus Cases Rise In Dehradun

“Mucormycosis” commonly known as “Black Fungus” has entered Dehradun. Till now, black fungus cases have been registered in Dehradun. Among these 3 cases have been found in private hospitals. Whereas, one case has been reported in Government Hospital. Yet, this is not confirmed.

In the stress of covid, another disease is knocking us! Among 4 patients, 2 have been recovered and have taken discharge from the hospital. The recovered patient said, “You need not to worry, just take precautions”

People having sugar, corona and similar serious illnesses are at high risk of Mucormycosis. So, if you are one of such people, stay alert!!

black fungus

4 Black Fungus Cases Reported In Dehradun Today!

The professional committee of the state shall finalize the line of cure. By keeping guidelines in mind and other bullets stated by ICMR and The Centre in response to dried black fungus. However, if you have been recovered from covid or viral and still suffering from high sugar levels. Then, stay alert and keep your surroundings clean. Prevention is the cure for Mucormycosis.

What Do You Need To Know? 

  • Black fungus is non-communicable. So, do not stress out.
  • It is not too dangerous. But, if left ignored may cause death. Covid patients are seen developing Chinese black fungus symptoms.
  • In case you are infected with HIV/AIDS, COVID- 19, cancers, parts transplants, or diabetes. Then there is a high chance of getting Mucormycosis.
  • Low immunity can lead to an invitation to dried black fungus. And hence, most of the Mucormycosis is identified in covid patients.

Common Symptoms Of Mucormycosis

  • Redness and itchiness around the nose and eye area
  • Continuous fever and headache
  • Mild Coughing
  • Blood coming out while vomiting

How Can I Prevent Myself From Mucormycosis?

  • Wear masks near dusty sites.
  • Use long sleeves clothes, wear long trousers and shoes.
  • Do not touch the soil with bare hands. Use gloves!




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