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Brain cells | Damaging Habits You Should Stop Right Now

Our brain is one of the most important part of the body. So, it is very important to take healthy precautions for the brain, from time to time. Here is the list of some brain-damaging habits:

7 Brain cells Damaging Habits:

1.    Skipping breakfast

  • Skipping breakfast leads to scarcity of some food essentials, which are power source to the brain. These food essentials ( vitamins, minerals and protein, etc.)  makes the brain healthy and fast.
  • Breakfast, well known for a meal of the day, gives an initial boost to start the day. Without breakfast, you may not survive throughout the day, and skipping it does make the brain weak.
  • A study has found that, if you skip breakfast, your mind may not be constant at one place and may not focus on a particular thing.

brain damaging habit1

2.    Sleeping late leads to weaker brain cells

  • A study has found, that after a sleepless night brain cells get weaker, therefore it makes us difficult to communicate effectively. It leads to mental illness.
  • Skipping sleep hours makes your brain cells weak leading to short term memory loss and forgetful mind.
  • A little sleep will make you tired, and tired brain leads wrong decisions.

3.    High sugar consumption

  • Excess of sugar is very harmful not only for the brain but also for the body, a single drop of increment in the eligible level of sugar, elevated glucose in our bloodstream can be harmful to our brain.
  • Results of high sugar level – deficits in memory, poor functionally and attention.
  • According to research, high sugar consumption causes inflammation in the brain, leading to memory difficulties, but this difficulty may not be permanent.

covering head

4.    Covering head while sleeping

  • Covering your head in the night will decrease the air availability around the hair, which will cause hair fall and fall of o2 level inside the head.
  • Covering your head while sleeping will increase the consumption of CO2 and reduce the level of O2. It will lead to bad functionality of the brain.
  • Covering head while sleeping causes a low level of O2, and damages a high amount of cells.

brain damaging habit

5.    Too much food

  • Overeating makes us gain weight and increase life-threatening diseases, also damage our brain.
  • A study said that overeating is one cause for developing the chances of memory loss.
  • Causes damaging mental abilities.

6.    Smoking

  • smoking cause shrinkage that leads to brain cancer.
  • Addictive nicotine in cigarettes also shrinks and may cause Alzheimers.
  • Blocks O2 flow in brain cells.

smoking kills

7.    Inadequate water intake

  • As we know, water contains an enormous amount of O2, so due to low O2 level affects the activeness of the brain.
  • Good water intake gives healthier cells.


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