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Brain Tumor: Symptoms and signs

The brain is one of the most important body organs that comprise of nerve cells and tissues. When a cluster of abnormal cells starts to grow without any control in your brain takes the form of a tumor. Brain tumors aren’t the same, some could be non-cancerous and some could be cancerous. It’s called a primary tumor if its origin is your brain otherwise if the tumor’s origin is somewhere else in your body and has spread to your brain, this type of tumor is called a secondary tumor. There are also several warning signs and symptoms of brain tumors that can be detected to help you recognize if it’s tumor. These symptoms of a brain tumor can also vary from one person to another and not everyone could have all the symptoms of a brain tumor.

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Types of Brain tumors:

There are many types of primary and secondary tumors. Primary brain tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Primary tumors can also be removed but they can also grow back. Also, they do no spread to other parts of the body. But sometimes the primary tumors can also be dangerous and can be a threat to your life. The most common type of primary brain tumors in adults are meningioma, oligodendroglioma, chordomas, and Glomus jugulare.

The secondary brain tumors tend to have rapid growth and can harm the areas of your healthy brain tissue. These tumor cells may break and spread to other parts of your brain but this is rare. The most common type of secondary tumors is an astrocytoma, ependymomas, medulloblastoma, etc.

Common signs and symptoms of Brain tumors:

The signs and symptoms of brain tumors can vary which depends on the size, type, and location of the tumor. Also, these symptoms can be to be the signs of any other serious health issue.

Few of the most common symptoms of brain tumors are:

Brain tumors


One of the most common symptoms of a brain tumor is a headache. It can also be a warning sign of the tumor. The brain tumor can put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels of the brain. This results in many types of headaches like continuous pain but it’s not like migraine pain, also a the feeling of nausea along with the headache tends to get worse when you try doing physical activity or change your positions. If you are getting a headache which is not usual, this doesn’t mean that you have a brain tumor. It needs to be diagnosed as it can be because of some other serious health issues.

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Memory loss issues:

Issues related to memory and concentration can also be a major symptom of a brain tumor. The presence of a tumor in the frontal lobe may harm the decision-making and reasoning power of your brain like you might feel hard to focus, you are unable to plan something or finding it difficult to, you are not able to remember things that had happened recently, etc. This issue can happen in any brain tumor stage.

Tiredness or fatigue:

Fatigue is like feeling lazy and tired all the time. This can be a symptom of a brain tumor. It can also be due to a cancerous brain tumor. Some signs that show that you are experiencing fatigue are like you feel very exhausted, your body feels heavier than usual and it’s like having a body ache, you may feel like sleeping in the daytime, you also find yourself irritated every time. These types of symptoms can be a sign of a brain tumor but fatigue can also happen due to anemia or any other serious health issue.

Personality changes:

A tumor in the brain can make changes in your functioning of the brain which can affect your behavior. There are changes in your behavior like you act very differently, it would seem like you are irritated all the time, there are mood swings too like at a time you are happy and the next minute you started arguing with someone or you feel alone and sad. These symptoms can be caused by the tumor present in the frontal lobe or the temporal lobe. Personality changes can be a major symptom of Brain tumor and should be taken seriously as it can also be a sign of mental disorders.

Anxiety or depression:

Anxiety or depression is also another very common symptom of a Brain tumor as it is mostly found in people who were diagnosed with a brain tumor. This could be a feeling of being sad for a longer period, you can have suicidal instincts as you may feel worthless, you may find no interest in the work that you love the most, you may feel lazy and don't want to get involved in anything. This can be also a major sign of a brain tumor.

Other symptoms:

Apart from these few very common warning signs and symptoms of brain tumor, there can be also symptoms like problems in balancing or walking, loss of sensation in arms or legs, change in speech vision or hearing, having trouble in sleeping, convulsions. Although it might be possible that these symptoms are not related to brain tumors but can also be due to some other major health problem. If you find any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Brain tumor treatment:

Brain tumor treatment is done based on the size, type, location of your brain tumor. The very first option to treat a brain tumor that your doctor may prescribe is surgery but this depends on the location of the tumor as there are few places in the brain from where surgically removing a tumor is not possible. So there are many other options apart from surgery like radiation therapy or chemotherapy that can
help to reduce the size of the tumor or kill the tumor cells. Brain tumor treatment called Gamma knife therapy is mostly suggested by a doctor when your brain tumor is located in some areas where it is difficult to reach.

It is a highly focused radiation theory that can help in killing the tumor cells. Although these therapies and treatments of a brain tumor can have some side effects. So it is better to know about these treatments in detail and ask your doctor about the rehabilitation after the treatment. Brain tumors can be life-threatening if the earlier warning signs and symptoms are ignored and not taken seriously. It’s better to take proper care of yourself if you are having any of these symptoms. Also other than brain tumors these signs and symptoms can because of other health issues. So get yourself checked before its too late for a cure.


Q1. What are the worst Brain tumors?
Glioblastoma is the worst type of Brain tumors and is also called brain cancer. It can be dangerous and life-threatening because it spreads very quickly into your brain and can be the cause of death if prior precaution is not taken.

Q2. What is the common type of Brain tumor?
Meningioma, gliomas, chordomas, ependymomas, astrocytomas, are a few of the most common type of Brain tumor.


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