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Brucellosis Fact Check! China leaks new “Virus” making men infertile!

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Brucellosis Fact Check! A few days back the Chinese officials confirmed that thousands of people were tested positive for brucellosis, a serious bacterial disorder in northwest China. Whereas, a fake post got viral on the internet claiming that the harmful brucellosis virus has been leaked from the Chinese labs.

What is Brucellosis?

Brucellosis also is known as “Malta fever” includes symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue and muscle pain, etc. Brucellosis may lead to arthritis or joints pain, spondylitis, and heart inflammation (endocarditis).

At the primary stage, it is hard to detect people positive with this virus as it has similar symptoms of normal flu. However, if you are having continuous fever which increases rapidly with muscle pain and dizziness, you may lead to brucellosis positive. This Chinese disease got a sudden rise in China a few days back with more than 3000 people infected in Gansu state. Later the positive cases rise up to 21,000 in Lanzhou’s capital city. The best way to avoid brucellosis is to remain sanitized and avoid milk-based products,

Viral Post related to “CHINA LEAKS NEW VIRUS” was FAKE!!

There were “n” numbers of people posting nonsense about the spread like it makes men infertile while some say it leads to death. However, the viral reports claim it fake.

Who posted the viral New Chinese Virus Leaked on social media?

The catchy headline almost got the attention worldwide, it says – Chinese Lab Leaks the New Virus Brucellosis: with 50 multiple times of death rate increase than Covid-19. Make Men Infertile. The post was posted by THE TATVA INDIA whose Instagram account has 87.5k followers.

The caption of the post also confirms that the virus has been leak happen accidentally. The biology pharmaceutical factory in Zhongmu Lanzhou was conducting tests and making brucellosis for animals but unfortunately got leaked. The bacterial disease got spread in nearby areas via air. The fake post got thousands of likes and screenshots got viral all over the world.

As reported by CNN, the bacterial disease initiated around November and by the end of December infected 181 people. CDC( Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) says brucellosis rarely transmits through humans. Those who consumed contaminated food and breathed in polluted air got infected by the disease, in Lanzhou.


  1.  Wear gloves while doing outdoor activities.
  2. Keep your domestic animals vaccinated properly.
  3. Stay away from infected animals with this virus.
  4.  Cook meat properly.
  5. Keep the veterinaries clean.

Firstly, the viral post worry onto two points- brucellosis cannot be caused by a viral infection, whereas Covid-19 does. So, it is wrong to compare the two bacterial breakouts with one another.

Secondly, the harmful bacteria did not leak from the Chinese lab but was leaked by a breakout from a pharmaceutical firm. Moreover, the viral post makes it seem like the leak was intentionally done by the Chinese workers.

The total number of infected persons reported is 21000 whereas no death has been reported.


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