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Can You Drink Distilled Water? Side Effects, Uses and Many More

Distilled water is said to be one of the purest forms of water. The process of distillation separates not only the contaminants. But also the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from water. Besides having high quality there is still confusion on whether to drink distilled water is safe or not. However, there are no added chemicals in the water that can adversely affect your health. Many sources support drinking distilled water as it helps in detoxifying your body and some sources do not support drinking distilled water as there are no minerals in the water and also pulls out minerals that may leave you at risk. Still, there are many other uses of distilled water as well as some benefits and side effects. So let’s find out these things in detail:

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Uses of distilled water:

For sterilization of medical equipment:

As distilled water is the purest form of water, distant water is used in hospitals for sterilization of medical equipment. The medical equipment that doctors use needs to be sterilized to prevent infection and because of the no mineral content in distilled water, it helps remove all the residue left on them. Not only sterilizing but the types of equipment that need scrubbing too. Scrubbing with tap water can be harmful as tap water contains contaminants. The distilled water can be a good choice in scrubbing the medical equipment. Apart from sterilizing and scrubbing distilled water can also be used to clean wounds. And can also be used for rinsing your mouth during a tooth extraction.

For care of your car:

If you use tap water or any other mineral water for your car engine's cooling system, due to the presence of minerals it can lead to corrosion. As distilled water has no minerals, it can be best to use it in your car for cooling the engine down. Also when your car’s battery needs topping up, you can use distilled water to give it a long life. Also if you live in a hard water area, washing your car with normal water can leave limescale marks, so you can use distilled water as a final rinse. This way there will be no mark left and your car will look very clean and shiny.

Can be used for your cosmetics:

Distilled water can be added to your cosmetics as it doesn’t contain any microbes and toxins. It would not harm your skin as water is added in the cosmetics as a solvent which helps in absorbing the ingredients in the lotion into your skin.

Helpful in steam ironing:

Doing steam ironing is more helpful in ironing out the creases then normal ironing. But using normal water can create marks all over your clothes as tap water contains contaminants. Using distilled water can prevent the buildup of corrosion inside the iron which will prevent marks from getting onto your clothes. So distilled water can help in steam ironing your clothes in a very safer way.

As a protective rinse for your skin:

If you are the one with sensitive skin, you must clean your skin with distilled water. The normal tap water can be harmful to your skin as it contains many heart minerals and contaminants that can clog your pores and can dry out skin causing acne for pimples. Rinsing with distilled water can help you provide clear and pimple-free skin. Using distilled water for skin and distilled water for hair is better than tap water.

Benefits of distilled water:

Other than drinking distilled water, many uses can provide a lot of benefits. The distillation process from which distilled water is obtained in which undesirable substances like toxic chemicals, contaminants, bacteria, and other substances get removed. But it is better than the bottled water which can have pathogens. It can hurt one’s health and can adversely affect people who are not having good immunity. So to drink distilled water can be good as compared to bottled water. Depending on the condition where you live, distilled water can be also better than regular tap water. Drinking distilled water is good if you are regularly taking a proper diet loaded with vitamins and minerals.

A side effect of distilled water:

Drinking too much-distilled water can be harmful As to drink distilled water can be good if you are taking proper diet if you are drinking distilled water in excess done it can be very harmful to your health. However, distilled water is pure but it also doesn’t have any minerals and nutrients. These are needed for your body functions. And if you are taking distilled water in excess may also pull out minerals from your body, like from your teeth.

Distilled water vs purified water:

Distilled water can be said as a type of purified water, the only difference between distilled water and purified water is that distilled water contains no contaminants, as well as no minerals as these, are removed during the distillation process whereas purified water doesn’t contain any contaminants but contains minerals. So purified water is safer as compared to drink distilled water.

Drinking distilled water can only be safer when you are taking a proper diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals as they played an essential role in your body’s functioning. Apart from drinking distilled water, there are several other uses of it too like it can be used as an automobile care, sterilizing medical equipment, for cosmetics, also using distilled water for skin and hair can be beneficial. But always take care to not drink distilled water in excess as it can be harmful to your health.


Q1. Is drinking distilled water good for your kidney?
Drinking distilled water can be good for your kidney as it cleans the body by promoting kidney function. Distilled water does not have contaminants and can be good for your kidneys health but along with drinking distilled water we should also take care of your vitamin and minerals intake

Q2. What are the benefits of washing your face with filtered water?
If you have sensitive skin, you can wash your face with filtered water, and there are no contaminants in filtered water. The normal tap water can also irritate your skin and can be the reason for acne and pimples. Rinsing your face with distilled water can help your skin to avoid breakouts and can also keep pimples away.


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