ways to reduce wrinkles

Effective and Natural ways to reduce wrinkles at Home

November 28, 2020

To look flawless is a dream of every person. And not looking older than we are is something that we require to balance out. Generally, wrinkles are the signs of aging but for a few people, they can appear before their aging starts. There are various anti-aging formulas, serums, creams, and supplements available in the […]

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turmeric water

Why Should I drink Turmeric Water Daily? (Golden Secret)

November 21, 2020

My grandmother used to tell me “If you want to get rid of any health and skin problems then first approach your kitchen.” And indeed she was right. Our kitchen has so many ingredients that are endowed with some magical benefits. These ingredients can definitely be used treat most of the problems. And turmeric water […]

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DIY Face Masks For Dry, Oily, Acne and Dull Skin

November 17, 2020

In this article, we will provide you with the steps to make homemade face masks that will naturally glorify your face. You don’t have to rely on the mask available in the market. With the items available at home, you can easily prepare the masks. Just have a look at these- 1. Coconut milk mask […]

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dryness in the eyes

How to cure dryness in eyes instantly.

November 12, 2020

Beneficial tips to cure dryness in eyes A simple stare, a narrow squint, or a pretty gaze can show deep meaning. The expressive feature of human eyes makes them the perfect tool for character development. Nothing is more irritating than that feeling of having something in our eye. If you feel scratchy, dry, or experience blurred vision. […]

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side effects of smoothening

Hair Smoothening Side Effects, Price, and Bad Effects

November 11, 2020

hair smoothening side effects, side effects of smoothening, smoothening rate, what are the side effects of hair smoothening, smoothening price, hair damage after smoothening hair smoothening side effects Getting straight, smoothened, glossy and lustrous hairs have always been a dream of most girls. Getting such hairs has been a trend for the last few years. […]

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10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin.

10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin.

November 4, 2020

The days are gone when glowing skin was only a woman’s priority. Everyone learns a glowing, nourished and healthier skin, no matter whether it’s a male or female. Modern lifestyle does not allow us to take proper care of our skin and that is the reason usually people go for cosmetics and other expensive treatments. […]

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Mira Kapoor’s Ginger Drink For Detox And Immunity!

November 3, 2020

Mira Kapoor, wife of well-known Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor always claims herself a self-obsessed foodie. Mira is undoubtedly becoming the new social media influencer among the people who search for content related to health and wellness. She often shares her recipes and dieting habits etc. on social media. Recently she posted Instagram about a power […]

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Are Tattoos Safe for People with Psoriasis?

November 2, 2020

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease in which occurs in form of growing skin cells quickly in a particular region of our body. This happens when there is some problem with our immune system. In that case, if a person having Psoriasis should consider some important points before he/she is going to have a tattoo […]

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benefit of sunlight in winters


October 26, 2020

Sunlight in winters is very advantageous for the human body. As winters are nearing and I can bet on this that every one of us liked to be sun-kissed during winters. Winter sunlight has several benefits for both health and beauty. Just like flowers attract bees, lukewarm sun attracts us. So, in this article we […]

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manicure at home

Manicure at Home | DIY Manicure

October 6, 2020

Are you trying to save money or visiting salon is not a simple option ? But there is never a bad master time to do manicure at home. Not only it gives satisfaction while painting your nails at home but also has many other benefits. But yeah it is of course that you don’t get […]

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