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Normal Human Body Temperature|

Normal Human Body Temperature| Low v/s High

98.6°F (37°C) is the normal body temperature for adults However, every human body has a different baseline. So, the average body temperature may be a little high or low. This article will read about some necessary details on normal body temperature. Additionally, you will learn about when or when not to see a doctor.  READ…

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Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation, Symptoms, Lack Of Sleep

Many people do not know how much sleep they need in a day and how much sleep is necessary for our daily life. No one has idea how much it can affect their health and ability to do every activates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommend that the right amount…

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Reasons to choose organic food

Reasons to choose organic food

In this world, where everything is prepared artificially, we all look for natural stuff. And organic food is such a type of food. It is one of the foods that has become prevalent nowadays. People wish for something natural which is directly brought from fields to the kitchen. This demand for organic foods is due…

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causes of stomach ulcers

Stomach Ulcers: Causes, Symptoms, and more

Ulcers are painful sores that can emerge in or on any part of your body and takes time to recover. There are different types of ulcers like peptic ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous ulcers, genital ulcers, mouth ulcers. Peptic ulcers, commonly called stomach ulcers are painful sores forged in the lining of the stomach or small…

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kidneys to function properly

5 most effective natural drinks to cleanse your kidneys at home

Kidneys filter out toxins and wastes from the bloodstream, for good health. But with time this cleanser needs to be cleaned to help in its filtering process. They help in maintaining homeostasis. They regulate blood sugar levels and manage fluid levels. In this article, we will discuss a few of the homemade drinks that could…

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foods not to eat with milk

Foods Not To Eat With Milk | Dairy Products to Avoid

Simply just eating the food is not a matter. You have to include the compatible foods in your diet which match with each other. Dangerous food combination can make you sick and give birth to various health-related problems. Foods not to eat with milk because it can damage some parts and effect on good health…

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reasons to try yoga

7 Reasons To Try Yoga | Have A Look!

Individuals get into reasons to try yoga, regardless of whether as an option to cardio, an approach to loosen up following a monotonous week, or in certain cases as a piece of their conviction framework. Regardless of the purpose behind the work, putting aside time in your timetable to calm your musings and spotlight on…

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benefits of turmeric milk

5 Turmeric Milk Benefits | Must Try!

Turmeric or better known as Haldi is one of the most common Indian spices that can be found in every Indian home. It is a popular spice used in Indian cooking as it has a lot of healthy properties. From being used as a spice to healing wounds, turmeric is also used to prepare turmeric…

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drinking distilled water

Can You Drink Distilled Water? Side Effects, Uses and Many More

Distilled water is said to be one of the purest forms of water. The process of distillation separates not only the contaminants. But also the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from water. Besides having high quality there is still confusion on whether to drink distilled water is safe or not. However, there are no…

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Mood Swings Causes and Treatment

Frequent Mood swings: Causes and Cure

Mood swings can be named a manifestation in which the mood changes very shortly. It can be said as a roller coaster of emotions. You may feel joy for a minute and in the next moment, you feel very sad or irritated. The term may refer to minor daily mood changes for substantial mood changes…

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