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Coronavirus strain: New Coronavirus Strain Reached India!

A new coronavirus strain has been discovered in the United Kingdom. It is claimed to be transmissible as compared to the original coronavirus strain. Since then there is fear all over the country about the new coronavirus strain to reach India. However, India has already banned travelled to and from the UK to prevent the transmission of the virus. Also, the people who returned recently from the United Kingdom have to undergo an RT-PCR test. And isolation are compulsory if found positive. Authorities are also looking among the returned people if anyone is showing any serious symptoms or less common symptoms. India has discontinued all flights to and from the United Kingdom between December 23 to 31.

New coronavirus strain: serious symptoms or less common symptoms:

The new coronavirus strain is considerably more transmissible. With an approximate increase in reproductive number by 0.4 or greater with up to 70%. The scientist although claims that symptoms of this new virus is identical to the previous variant. Few of which are fever, dry cough, sore throat, runny and stuffy nose, gastrointestinal infection, chest pain, and shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell, and taste.

Apart from these common symptoms, there are a few less common symptoms or series symptoms of this new virus that has been published by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Few less common symptoms or serious symptoms are breathing problems, confusion, persistent chest pain, tired, and unable to stay awake, and bluish lips, or face.

Threats of this new coronavirus strain:

According to a recent study conducted at the London School of hygiene and tropical medicine, the new coronavirus strain has less common symptoms that are complicated to deduce and so it can accelerate more death and fatalities. Another specialist in virology alleged that the mutations have made it easier for the virus to penetrate the human cells more effortlessly and therefore this new coronavirus strain can take a toll on children also this time. Even experts are anxious that mutations can lead to more hospitalizations and deaths in 2021.


You must immediately strive for medical attention if you have any of the serious symptoms or less common symptoms of the new coronavirus strain. Precaution is mandatory for protecting yourself from the virus. The practice of social distancing, wearing a mask, and disinfecting touched surfaces must be non-compromised. Moreover, you must consume a healthy diet that can help you build a strong immune system to help you fight against the virus. As this coronavirus strain can be risky for children, you should keep an eye over your younger ones. The original virus took many lives in the year 2020, let’s hope this coming year may not be that horrible. Prevention is better than cure and in this case, it’s only the way. We cannot leave everything to the government. So being cautious and careful can only help us in dealing with this new virus.


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