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Covid-19 Vaccine by Jhonson and Jhonson

Covid-19 Vaccine by Jhonson and Jhonson: The director of the World Health Organization’s said the countries in the Northern hemisphere are facing a great and harsh impact on the coronavirus. The U.S rate of coronavirus is getting higher each day and France’s cases raised by more than 50,000 globally. Global infections are 43 million and still, they are rising. Johnson and Johnson said that the first batch of COVID – 19 vaccines going to launch in January. Along with that, the candidates who take up medicine of AstraZeneca’s have built immunity.

Johnson and Johnson are going to launch their first COVID-19 Vaccine.

The vaccine is going to be available for emergency use in January. The head of public health research and development of the company said this in the presentation of the World health summit. On the other hand, the timelines which are given by the U.S. drugmaker got a match the previous statement. They restart a large late-stage trial of the vaccine that has been paused due to safety concerns. Now, 60,000 people study is expected to have initial results by the end of the year.

After one of the longest lockdowns going to end in Australia soon, due to control over the COVID cases. Australia’s Victoria state to dismantle most of the restrictions from the Wednesday and allows retailers to open shop. Also, the opening of cafes, hotels, restaurants, and bars are going to serve up to 20 people maximum. As well as they removed travel restrictions in Victoria but still restrictions are there in Melbourne.


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