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Diet plan for weight loss

Last month I read a book named Ikigai. The book was about Japanese secrets for a healthy long living life. After completing the book I
came to know about the ways which can help people to maintain a healthy weight. These are:

  •  Never try to fill your stomach. Always eat 80% of the food. Cutting down the extra sweet dish after meals will work.
  • Try to keep yourself busy with physical activity every day.

And I completely agree with these facts.

Inactive lifestyles and bad food habits have resulted in more number of over-weighted people. This condition is called obesity. And
Obesity further leads to other health problems. Our weight has a direct connection with our calorie intake. Our weight depends upon how
much calories we take and how much of them we spend in our daily activities.

  •  A constant weight person takes the same amount of calories he burns every day.
  • But if calorie consumption overshadows the amount of getting burnt, a person crosses the healthy BMI INDEX. And thus become an overweight person.

In general, a person requires 1600 calories per day. But if you want to lose weight then you only need only 1200 calories.

So if you want to lose those extra fat and chubbiness try to burn more amount of calories. This below mentioned diet plan will surely help in your slim, trim body goals. The plan is generally made according to the Indian diet.

1. Pre-breakfast thing

A glass of Lukewarm water is the first thing that must be added to your stomach. You can also drink ‘Water Infused with fruits to detoxify your body. Eat soaked almonds before having breakfast.

2. Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is needed to keep you energetic throughout the day. Take your breakfast after 45 minutes of a pre-breakfast meal.
For breakfast you can go for :

  • Oats meal porridge
  • Cracked Vegetable Dalia

3. Always put things in your stomach between
your breakfast and lunch.

  •  Fruit and vegetable salad would be great.

4. Lunch

For lunch, you can take

  •  Roti, vegetable(green) ,curd or vegetable Raita.
  •  Fenugreek leaves, spring onion leaves, and Spinach is the best green leafy veggies option.
  •  This combo could be sometimes substituted with Lentil Curry and fenugreek (methi) rice.

5. Snack time

For evening snacks avoid eating salty snacks or cookies.

  • Instead of that, you can go for homemade cookies.
  •  You can also take fruit salad or any fruit drink during the evening time.
  • Sprouts ( especially fenugreek, gram, wheat ones) can also be added. Sprouts contain dietary fibers which are helpful for weight loss.
  •  You can also make fruit smoothies.
  •  If you are a beverage lover then you can also add coffee or tea. Black coffee or black tea with lemon or basil leaves can be even more fruitful.
  •  Green tea is again another option to increase your metabolism and of course to lose weight.

6. Dinner

Try to wrap up your dinner between 8 to 9 p.m. Make it as much light as u can.

  •  You can go for brown rice, roti with vegetables or dal.
  • Adding Vegetable salad would be more effective.

This is a 1000 calorie meal plan which will take care of your entire diet. Along with this diet plan do some physical
exercise too. Always remember you never gained weight in one day so you can never lose one in a day itself. Be patient and try to stick to this plan for better results.

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