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Doing exercises still not losing weight? Why?

In today’s world, a large number of individuals face obesity and weight gain which further results in an invitation to many severe diseases. Many people are health conscious and adds exercises in their daily routine for weight loss. But after some time, they realize that the exercises are doing no good to them. So, where are we lacking? Is it the type of exercise or the timing of exercise? If these questions are clicking your mind too, then you are at the right spot. In this article I’ll be sharing the main reasons for not losing weight even after doing proper exercises:

You do exercises but stay inactive for the rest of the day

A healthy routine is a must for weight loss. Some people usually have no specific work schedule. They do exercises daily but remain lazy throughout the day, or we can say after coming back from the gym, they spend the rest of the day lying on the bed doing nothing. It is wrong! For weight loss, you have to lose calories and should remain active throughout the day. Human activity leads to calorie burn, and flow is maintained.


Little exercises seem many

High obesity makes the human body tired sooner than a healthy person. You start feeling tired just after doing a few exercises. The human mind is designed in such a way that if you believe that okay now I’m tired it means I have burned enough calories. But it’s not reality. This confusion is one of the causes that you are not losing weight even if you are doing exercises.

Taking high-calorie food after exercise

If you burn 350-400 cal in a day while hitting the gym and eats high-calorie food on a remaining day. Then the exercise you did value nothing. Follow a proper diet as prescribed by your trainer. Eat healthily and stay healthy. Avoid fried and oily food items as they contain many calories more than you will ever know. Rather add fruits, salads, and sprouts, etc. to your daily diet.

Taking high-calorie food after exercise

False items disguised as Healthy supplements

Nowadays social media influencing is in trend. Some influencers promote supplements claiming to be natural and healthy. And people get influenced and by such supplements claiming “weight loss in 5 days.” People, please stop believing in such fake promises. These supplements contain caffeine, sugar, and many harmful elements. As nothing comes without hard work, so does your fit body. These different flavoured energy drinks may be catchy to your eyes but not for the body. Instead, you can prepare fresh shakes at home just by adding a few ingredients. Have a protein-rich morning breakfast including fruits, nuts, eggs, vegetables, milk, etc. freshly prepared at home.


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