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Health benefits of sipping fruit infused water

“You have to at least drink 5 to 6 glasses of water every day”, this was the condition imposed by my mother when I was a kiddo. In response to which she uses to purchase me my favourite things.
I never liked to drink water considering it as a burden as well as a monotonous task. So to make me drink a sufficient amount, she used to make fruit drinks with my favourite fruits and ingredients. And believe me, I lustily used to go for it. Earlier which was merely for fun later became a habit. And since then I drink water infused with fruits almost every day.
We know water and fruits both have the same functions i.e. to keep us healthy and fit. ‘Water’ could be considered as tires of a car while ‘fruits’ as engine oil. For a car to run, both of the things are equally needed.

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Water and fruits

The human body consists of 60% water. To make that water content stable we are required to drink a sufficient amount of water every day. Failure in fulfilling this demand of our body often leads to dehydration which later results in muscle spasm, kidney dysfunction, bladder cancer, etc. Sometimes it can also be lethal.
Fruits on other hand give us energy, boost our immunity help in weight loss, lower the risks of diseases and so many other things.
Now think of mixing these two interesting things. Indeed the combination resulting would be super healthy and tasty.

How does the combination work?

Drinking water infused with fruit is the easiest way to hydrate and detoxify the body without any intakes of added sugars and calories.
This superpower drink will help in body hydration, regulation of blood and sugar, weight loss, skin glow, anti-ageing and will increase your immunity which is much needed in pandemic times. It will also help your body’s digestive system to function properly.


  • Combinations to make the ‘drink’

Okay! So now we are quite familiar with the benefits of this perfect combo. Let’s see what all fruits and other ingredients could be used to make this tasty water punch. Such items could be easily found in our kitchens.


  • Ginger + Orange + Honey + Cucumber

This combo will be a great fat burner for people wanting weight loss. Here orange and honey are rich antioxidants while cucumber which has 96% water content helps in detoxification.


  • Cucumber + lemon + Mint

Lemon has anti-bacterial property that helps as an immunity booster. While the mint works as an appetizer helping indigestion.
Carrot + lemon
Carrot is a big source of vitamin A and if mixed with lemon which is rich in vitamin C could act as a great morning energy drink.


  • Strawberry + watermelon + lemon

Strawberries and watermelon both have antioxidants properties. The former one helps in anti-ageing and wrinkle-free skin while the latter one aids in weight loss.

These were only a few combos’ examples. The list is just endless. Homemade drinks are the best effective ones. Try to avoid purchasing the ones with additional flavours and artificial sweeteners.
So if you love your body and want to detoxify it thoroughly go for such ‘fruit-infused drinks’. It will not only keep your stomach full but will also keep your belly in shape.


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