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Easy Diwali Decor Tips

You know nowadays what thing excites me. It’s the upcoming Diwali festival. Yes! The festival of lights is about to come. When somebody use to ask me about my favorite festival. without thinking twice I use to say “Diwali”. And till now Diwali is my favorite festival.

 ‘Diwali’ word brings a jolt of joy inside me. Unlike me, everyone gets excited to enjoy the joy and happiness the festival brings forth. Girls are especially excited about the decorations in Diwali. Decorations with Diyas, Lightings, Candles, and Rangolis are their preference.

In this article, we will see some of the Deepavali decoration ideas which you can use in your homes to add sparks to your Deepavali celebrations.

1. Lighting with paper diyas

 Don’t have any idea how to decorate your walls? So this idea is for you. This Deepavali tries this creative idea of decorating with lights as well as with papers Diyas. Believe me, it will change the look of your walls and your walls will look more beautiful. These paper diyas could be easily made with craft or glazed papers. You can choose the colors of the papers according to your choice.

2. Flowers with mango leaves

  If you want to decorate your house’s temple door or any other area with some eco-friendly ideas then this one is for you. You can decorate your ‘Mandirs’ with these beautiful mango leaves and marigold flowers combination. Mango leaves are considered to be sacred for worship purposes. So this Deepavali uses this idea for your mandirs.

 3. Crockery decoration

 You don’t have to always buy things from the market to decorate your house during any functions. You can also use old and unused items to decorate your house. One such item is crockery. You can use glasses, glass bowls, jars, and other items as incandescent lamps. This will not only light up the rooms but also will provide a royal look to your decorations.

 4.Diyas’ decoration

 At my home, the task of Diya decoration is always given to me during Diwali. So I don’t use contemporary old methods to decorate them. I use Acrylic Paints which give a new texture and color to the Diyas. You can even paint your old diyas and decorate them with some stickers available in the market. It will give them a new look.

 5. Balloon orbs

 Wow! Look at these shiny, glittery balloon orbs. Aren’t they beautiful? So this Deepavali let’s decorate our rooms with these cute balloon orbs. These balloon orbs will light up your rooms. To make these orbs what you need is; glitters, threads, strong glue, and balloons. The process is very simple.

  • You have to first blow the balloon and then surround the balloon with a glued thread. 
  • Leave the balloon for a few minutes. After that burst the balloon and color the remaining part with glitters.

 These 5 different ideas will add lights to your Diwali celebrations. So this Deepavali lets do something different.


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