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Easy Steps to remove tanning

Skin tanning is nothing but the darkening of skin color. It happens due to the exposure to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. And also from any other sources that are capable to bring about skin tanning. Looking at skin tanning from a medical perspective, then it is the increasing of skin pigment called melanin.

Many people complaint about skin tanning after coming from outside either from the workplace or from the playground. Skin tanning could be inevitable for the ones who work under the sun from morning to the evening but by the adoption of a few steps or measures, the skin tanning could be considerably less and could be fought in the first place itself. Skin tanning is a problem of not one but of many and whether you are one of those many or not, the following steps to remove skin tanning could be helpful to you at one point or the other.

The application of sour curd for skin tan removal is an effective way. The way of using sour curd for skin tan removal is a traditional way and it has been found to be helpful and effective. The sour curd is just applied on the face or on any part tanned part of the body and left in that manner for some time and then washed properly with soap. It helps not only to remove skin tanning but also helps to improve complexion.


Usage of lemon juice as a remedy or cure to remove skin tan is one of the most effective home methods. This is the easiest and most effective way to remove skin tanning. All you need is few lemons, a bowl, and a piece of cloth to use it to dab on the places where the skin is tanned and keep it for at least 15 minutes and then wash up and you will observe the difference.


Another easy home method or step to remove skin tanning is potato juice. Home methods to remove skin tanning is always better as it saves money and even time. It helps to remove effectively all the dark spots and ageing lines. Few things that you need to make potato juice are a potato, grinder, a bowl, and a piece of cloth for dabbing purposes. Apply the potato juice all over your face and also on the tanned places and allow it to dry then wash it with cold water after 15-20 minutes. You need to do the same at least twice every week for a better and good result.


Honey and Papaya face pack are one of the most applied methods for removing skin tanning. It could be a bit expensive but worth the pay and no regrets at all. In this method, honey and papaya (after grinding) are mixed together in a bowl and then applied all over the face and the areas tanned due to the exposure to the sunlight and left to dry at least for 15 minutes and then washed. Doing this helps to brighten the skin and nourishes the skin at the same time.

All the above-mentioned steps to remove skin tanning is home-made and inexpensive. You need only a few things which are already available in the house kitchen and process them together then apply as guided. You could apply these easy and home methods to remove skin tanning which could make you feel insecure and uncomfortable in public. If skin tanning is your problem then these

The above steps or remedies could be the best ones for you. Try them out!

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