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One of the most common problems in the world is obesity and overweight. With the growing world, our lives are getting busier day by day. The hectic schedule leaves us with no time for exercise. But the point is we need a solution to resolve this problem of obesity and fat. Overweight leads to several body problems like heart attacks, depression, diabetes, obesity, weak bones, and high blood pressure, etc. As people are getting more aware about their health, they start following various diets and exercises to get a fit body and mind. Along with exercises, one may follow a holistic approach for weight loss by using a few essential oils in their everyday life.

Not only the essential oils help in burning the unwanted fat in our body but also eliminates harmful toxins. Essential oils have various positive features like relive heavy eating and stress, reduces anxiety, and improves digestion. So, if you are looking for remedies to shed kilos of weight, then you may consider adding these essential oils in your daily diet.


Ginger essential oil helps in weight loss by suppressing appetite, improves digestion, and induces better sleep. With the use of this essential oil, you can see the results within two-three days of consumption. Also, ginger oil improves the body’s metabolism and thus helps in weight loss. The best ways to use ginger essential oil are:

 1: Mix the essential oil with coconut/ olive oil and apply it to the area of excess fat.

 2: Massage for 20-30 minutes.

 3: To avoid step 2, put a few drops of oil in your bathtub before bathing.



Cinnamon essential oil helps in maintaining sugar level thereby reducing sweet cravings. It improves the satiety hormone and curbs hunger by maintaining sugar levels. Several ways to use cinnamon essential oil for weight loss are:

  • Add cinnamon essential oil to warm water/ tea and consume twice a day.
  • You may add cinnamon oil to warm bathing water for better results.
  • To reduce your hunger level, simply diffuse the oil and inhale directly.


Grapefruit essential oil helps in increasing the body’s metabolism by energizing the enzymes which help in breaking the excess body fat. This oil contains compounds that increase the metabolism like D-limonene thereby improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Grapefruit essential oil also reduces appetite and promotes weight loss. Plus it cleanses the lymphatic system and lowers the level of cholesterol by decreasing lipid peroxidation. Several ways to use this oil are:

  • Apply a few drops on the area of excess fat and massage gently.
  • Add 3-4 drops of oil to a glass of lukewarm water and have it empty stomach in the morning.
  • The diffused oil may be used to improve mood and reducing craving for food.



Fennel essential oil greatly helps in weight loss. This oil has amazing features like it boosts metabolism, promotes the gastric enzymes, and increases digestion. Fennel oil breaks down the excess fat in the bloodstream to be used as energy. Melatonin is another feature of fennel essential oil which helps in proper sleep cycle and reduction in food cravings.

  • Add a few drops of fennel oil to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it early morning for weight loss.
  • Fennel oil as a supplement boosts digestion and reduces food cravings.

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