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Why Plastic face shields Are Not Safe Alternative to Cloth Masks

Face-shields: The statistics if the COVID-19 are getting in the raise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to make face masks one of its primary recommendations for COVID-19.  To prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2- the virus that causes COVID -19. Also, People are taking precautions regarding this virus and prevent themselves. Along with this, People are using sanitizers for hand and mask of different materials for face protection. Some people are turning to plastic face shield for protection as they are more comfortable to wear. But according to the experts and doctors plastic face shield only use as a supplement to cloth face coverings. People cannot use protective face shield as a replacement of mask. They need to wear a full plastic face shield along with the mask.

Also, according to Dr Michael B.Edmond, MPH, MPA, MBA, chief quality officer and associate chief medical officer for the University of Iowa Health Care. And Clinical professor of infectious diseases at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. The plastic face shield can reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Also, he said the primary mechanism of transmission of COVID appears to be via droplets. The protective face shields are the best to prevent the droplets from coming into contact with nose, mouth and eyes. With this, a virus enters to establish infection. Also, the plastic face shields do provide a barrier against the virus. And also provide protection against the droplets in the environment. But can still be inhaled through the open areas around the plastic visor.

with all this Dr Joy Henningsen, the clinical assistant professor, VAMC Section, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of medicine. He says that the plastic face shields work best to protect the wearer from an infected person when used with a mask.

Also, a new study published in Physics of Fluids, by AIP Publishing which used to visualizations to examine. And also, illustrate how effective plastic face shields. They can easily reduce the spread of COVID-19. Along with this, they found that while face shields did block the initial forward motion of a cough or a sneeze. Also, they expelled droplets were still able to move around a plastic visor. And spread over a large area in an environment. With another study the following outbreak of COVID-19 in Switzerland. In this study, none of the people wearing masks tested positive for the virus. Also several of the people wearing only face shield and did test positive.

She says that face shields are a good supplement of face coverings, but should not be used to a protective face mask. “There is no such thing as too many weapons against the novel coronavirus”. So more protection, the better. Regular temperature checkup, face covering, regular hand washing, physical distancing and staying home as much as possible are very good tools. A Plastic face shield to all those requisite practices and you go from best to better and keep you save form virus.

The most benefits we get from protective face shields are:

  • Always wear a face shield along with mask for better protection of yourself and another person.
  • Make sure your face shield fits your whole face means up to your chin or below in the front. Also, it reaches the ears on the sides and there is a cover over the gap.
  • Clean and Disinfect your face shield after each use. so it will not infect you and the other person near you. Wash it with a neutral detergent and warm water to remove ant visible soiling, followed by a clean water rinse.



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