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Few healthcare workers are getting Covid vaccine flu shots, While others Aren’t?

As soon as the launch of the coronavirus vaccine took place, there was chaos about who would be getting the flu shot first? Amidst the chaos, the news about the healthcare workers getting covid vaccine flu shot filled the air. Now, most of you must be having a question that why aren’t others getting the flu shot in the first place, and why only health care workers are only allowed to get the flu shot? Also, there
may be some questions in your mind regarding the flu shot. So let’s see a few arguments and find out the answer to your question:

The need for taking the covid-19 vaccine flu shot

Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic that the world is fighting with and the virus hasn’t yet slowed down. Even before the arrival of the flu vaccine, all of us have been taking precautionary measures to fight the virus. Corona vaccine Flu shot is like a shield against the viral infection and can also help in decreasing the risk of respiratory problems like H1N1 and pneumonia that could get you the risk of Covid-19.

May be for safer vaccinating sessions-

The statement that can support the decision to give flu shots to the health care workers can be that it is basically for your safety. Now the question is how? Well, the vaccination flu shots will be given to you by those health Care workers and if they are left unprotected, it will be too risky for them as they are the ones who would be more in contact with the virus and may also transfer the virus to you. Giving flu
shots to the healthcare workers can also encourage others to get the flu shot as the vaccine will be given by safer hands.

Vaccinating everyone at first wave is impossible-

You might have a question in your mind that where can I get a flu shot? The answer is you have to wait for a little while. The coronavirus may not take much time to spread but getting the vaccine will take a longer time. To vaccinate everyone in the first wave is hardly possible and so it needs classifications of people to whom vaccination shots can be given. So for getting the flu shot you have to keep patience.

Are all healthcare workers getting the flu vaccine?

Now if the healthcare workers are getting the flu shot, what about those frontline workers who are working in the laboratory dealing covid-19 positive samples, and those who are involved in handling dead bodies. Are they also getting the flu shots in the first stage? And if they are not getting isn’t that discrimination? Yes, it can be assessed that the health care workers getting the flu shot are only those who will be responsible for giving us the vaccine. And if all this is true what about these other workers who had also given their everything to help the covid-19 patients and the government? When will their turn come? These questions are a big issue for the authorities to address and if these questions have no answers then there could be also a question against the fair deliverance of the flu shot.

Also, there was news about a health care worker getting an allergic reaction 10 minutes after getting the coronavirus vaccine flu shot. So is it like the health care workers are given the flu shot for testing how exactly the vaccination will work? This even creates a major confusion of what is in the flu shot or what does the flu shot do? Well, the flu shot has coronavirus vaccination that is developed to protect you against the covid-19 virus. But if you have a question of how to get a flu shot? A sarcastic answer could go and get a job as a healthcare worker! Isn’t it?

How long is this process going to take?

Coronavirus is not still over, still every day there are cases of Covid-19 being recorded from all places. People are too dying from the virus. It’s been a year since the pandemic took its pace. And after a year when the vaccine is developed and is available to you, all you do is to have patience and wait for getting the flu shot. Yes, it can be understandable that in the very first wave, all people cannot be vaccinated. But the question arises that how long is this process is going to take? And till then how many more lives is coronavirus going to take.


The coronavirus is testing your patience from the day it started. Now its time for having some more patience let those who had worked day and night for the covid- 19 patients get the vaccination at the first stage. They need it and most probably deserve it. Yes there are still many questions that are left unanswered, it will get answered at the right time. Till then keep your immune system healthy and keep fighting.


Q1. Where to get a flu shot?
For getting the Corona vaccine flu shot you have to first get yourself register through the CoWIN mobile app and then you are going to get notified about the date and place, where you would get the flu shot.

Q2. Can you get the flu from the flu shot?
Getting flu from the flu shot is hardly possible but it is yet not confirmed. If you are entirely protected from the virus or not. The studies for the same is going on and the doctors are yet to find that out.

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