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Heart diseases have become the foremost cause of an increasing number of deaths every year. Few CVD risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes can lead to heart diseases. Moreover, there is food bad for your heart liable for impairing your heart health. So caring for your heart health should be your preference to live a healthy long life. The food that you eat plays a very crucial role in protecting your heart healthy. The food good for the heart assists you in caring for your heart health. This article discusses some foods good for the heart.

  1. Fatty Fish:

Fish is the food good for the heart as it has an elevated level of Omega 3 fatty acids claimed to be extensively good for your heart health. Eating fish for a longer time can help in lowering cholesterol levels, fasting blood sugar, and blood triglycerides that are CVD risk factors. Fish also helps in reducing diastolic blood pressure. Fatty fish can be the best food for heart health.


  1. Whole grains:

Whole grains are high in fiber that can help reduce LDL cholesterol that is also called bad cholesterol. This helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases. Refined grains can be bad food for your heart. Whole Grains like barley, quinoa, brown rice, oats, and rye are good foods for the heart. In many studies, it is established that eating whole grains 3 times a day can help you decrease systolic blood pressure preventing you from several Heart diseases.


  1. Walnuts:

Eating walnuts can help in reducing bad cholesterol, diastolic blood pressure, and oxidative stress that are major CVD risk factors. Walnuts have a high content of magnesium, copper, and manganese along with high fiber. Some studies claimed that consumption of walnuts regularly can help in reducing the risk of several heart diseases. So walnut is good food for the heart.


  1. Green vegetables:

Green vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also have a high content of dietary nitrates that assist in reducing blood pressure and improving the functions of cells lining the blood vessel. Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale are foods good for the heart as it can help in lowering the risk of heart diseases and keeps your heart healthy.


  1. Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate is good food for the heart as it is loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants that help in boosting your heart health. One study claimed that people who ate dark chocolates frequently have lesser CVD risk factors. However, dark chocolate also has high sugar content so it may negate its good aspects.


  1. Olive oil:

Olive oil has a rich content of monounsaturated fatty acids that may assist in improving your heart health. Moreover, olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that can help in decreasing the risk of fatal diseases. In several studies, it is found that consuming olive oil regularly can help lower the risk of heart diseases by 70%. So olive oil is another food good for the heart.


  1. Chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds:

Including chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds in your diet help preventing CVD risk factors, including inflammation, and bad cholesterol. The seeds have a high content of nutrients that are good for your heart, Omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber. In several studies, it is found that eating flax seeds assist in reducing bad cholesterol by 9% and overall cholesterol by 7%. So Chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds are food good for the heart.


  1. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are food good for the heart as it is a great source of lycopene that has powerful antioxidant properties. The antioxidants help in preventing oxidative damage which is a major CVD risk factor Also, lower levels of lycopene can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Consuming tomatoes can help you provide lycopene sufficiently and help in preventing stroke and heart attack.



Your heart health generally depends on the food that you eat. With increasing age, your heart becomes prone to cardiovascular diseases. This happens because of your bad eating habits and diet. if you consume food bad for your heart, you may increase the CVD risk factors. So you should have food for heart health. Foods like fatty fish, dark chocolate, olive oil, walnuts, seeds, whole grains, green leafy vegetables can contribute to preventing the risks of heart diseases by protecting your heart healthy.



Suggest a good heart failure diet?

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are low in sodium can help you prevent the risk of heart failure. You can also include fish, eggs, fresh legumes, and yoghurt in your diet. Also, try avoiding salt and choose a lower sodium diet.

What are the best foods for heart attack patients?

The best food for heart attack patients can be lean meats, fish, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans, and olive oil.

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