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Foods Not To Eat With Milk | Dairy Products to Avoid

Simply just eating the food is not a matter. You have to include the compatible foods in your diet which match with each other. Dangerous food combination can make you sick and give birth to various health-related problems. Foods not to eat with milk because it can damage some parts and effect on good health on the body.

Milk is considered as a complete food. But it doesn’t go well with some of the other ones. Milk is an animal protein and therefore should not be combined with other foods(especially protein items). In this article, we will discuss the foods not to eat with milk.

1) Avoid fish and meat products with Milk

Fish and meat products are themselves heavy food and combining them with milk can make your diet even heavier. And not only this, it could create more skin related problems like itching and ringworms. One should separate ingestion of milk and meat products by a minimum of three hours.

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2) Bananas And Milk= “NO”

Most fitness lovers combine bananas with milk but actually, this is not at all a compatible
combination. Even Ayurveda prohibits this combination. According to studies, consuming banana and milk together not only disturbs our digestive the system as it is heavy but also disrupts our sinus. This leads to sinus congestion, cold & cough and other allergies like rashes on the body.

3) Avoid sour fruits

Fruits like (orange, lemon, pineapple, green apples) when combined with milk act as a poison. There are also chances of skin allergies like psoriasis, eczema, etc.

4) Some other fruits

Fruits like pomegranate, guava, pear, etc. are not apt for mixing with milk. Such a combo makes the calcium present in milk absorbs the enzymes present in fruits and the human body does not get enough nutrition. Jackfruit and bitter gourd combo with milk are also harmful combinations for your health.

5) Avoid salt and salty food with milk

Sometimes in a hurry burry, we gulp our breakfast with a glass of milk. But that proves to be harmful in the long run. So always keep a time difference of approximately 1 hour between your salt-laden food and milk.

6) Milk products

Milk products should always be avoided with milk. For example cheese and yogurt. Dairy products and milk are the top sources of saturated fats. And mixing these contribute to
heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Which fruits can be taken with milk?                                                                       The fruits which are compatible with milk are Dates They contain many nutrients and
are good for increasing the body weight of a person. Raisins – They improve blood quality
and remove the toxins. Figs Figs detox the intestine and increase calcium and iron content in the body. Apart from this, include honey, turmeric, and jaggery in milk. These ingredients when mixed with milk increase its benefits.

The combination of mismatched foods generates an amount of toxicity in the body. This leads to the imbalance of the body which is the root of diseases. Therefore include this ‘whole food & (milk) with the best combinations to avail its most of the benefits.

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