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Frequent Mood swings: Causes and Cure

Mood swings can be named a manifestation in which the mood changes very shortly. It can be said as a roller coaster of emotions. You may feel joy for a minute and in the next moment, you feel very sad or irritated. The term may refer to minor daily mood changes for substantial mood changes as discerned with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.

Mind swings are very prevalent in people of all ages. However, it should be taken seriously if it disrupts your daily life like in your work and relationships. Swings can be very easily interpreted by understanding their causes and symptoms. It can also be successfully dealt with and yet be prevented.

Common causes of mood swings:

Internal and External Changes Happening Around:

The changes occurring around or internal changes that take place in your life influence your mood. Internal changes may be like weight gain or aging. Both can be the reason for the change in the mood. The increased stress at home, school, or work can also influence your emotion. The male fluctuating mood can also be caused due to these aspects.

Illness and Injury:

Mood changes are not only related to emotional state but are also correlated with continual diseases or acute traumas that encompasses the brain. The diseases like a concussion or a stroke can also provoke prompt changes in mood. Other illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and even sleep disorders can similarly disturb your mood and head to mood swings. These are also very common causes in males.


Another possible cause of mood changes can be the differences in hormone levels, mainly estrogen. Instabilities in hormones are regular and
can affect mood. In women, periodic fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can lead to mood swings. Similarly, during pregnancy and menopause, the hormone level gets reflected, which can also be responsible for mind swings.

Psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular diseases:

Male mood swings can be the result of many psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder, or it may be the outcome of a certain medical condition that directly implicates the Central nervous system such as dementia brain tumors. Constraining the brain from nutrients and oxygen such as lung and cardiovascular diseases, can be fatal and serious.


Certain medications can likewise affect your volatility. If you are starting or stopping a medication it may also impact your mood. Medications like mood stabilizers can affect a person’s mood and can cause mood swings. Male mood explosiveness is most likely the cause of medications, especially in older males.


Allergies are also one of the most widespread causes of mood changes. Seasonal allergies like sneezing, watery eyes, and itchiness can also lead to mood swings. Allergies can even intervene in your sleep and can influence your mood.


Depressions come along with mood swings. Your mood may revolve around irritability to extreme grief to a nasty eruption which is constantly an indication of depression. The feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness are very common in such mood changes.

Treatment of mood swings:

To resist fortune changes in mood and emotion are possible by establishing your mood and promoting your health. Here are a few alternatives to help you in dealing with mood swings:

Indulge yourself in regular exercises:

Exercising is incredible for your mental health and it can help in dealing with or even resisting mood changes. When you exercise there is a release of a chemical called endomorphin that can help you to feel good and can alleviate stress. This can help you to have fewer mood swings.

Modification in your diet:

For better mood resilience you should switch over to minor meals. Eating large meals can promote mood changes as it can result in overeating. Also, blood sugar increases when you eat more which can endorse mood swings. Smaller meals provided throughout the day may help establish your blood sugar to lessen the mood changes.

Practicing stress management:

Stress and depression can be indications of mood swings which can be very hazardous. Learning to manage your stress can help you resist
difficulties including changes in mood. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises have been proven to help against managing anxiety and stress.

Get proper sleep:

Irritability and extreme changes and moods can be alleviated by a good night’s sleep. Your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. So you should get a night of proper sleep to avoid mood swings.


Mood swings have been generally encountered by all of us in any particular stage of our life. This may be very ordinary and can be fixed without any medication and treatment. But when it become lethal and start to disrupt your daily life it should be treated immediately. Mood swings are not only common in females but are also very affecting males. Mind Swings in males can be very serious if are taken very lightly and can even lead to suicidal tendencies. To prevent the rapidly changing mood, you should have a proper diet and sleep along with proper exercises and a good healthy routine.


How can I control my mood swings at home?

Mood swings are very common and can be regulated at home by practicing a good healthy routine like proper diet and proper sleep. Also doing meditation and yoga can help in dealing with mind swings. You should also try to remain stress-free to avoid this problem

What are the factors that cause mood swings?

The factors causing swings to your mood can be related to internal changes like gaining weight and aging as well as external factors like stress and depression, hormonal changes, certain psychiatric disorders, illness, and injury.

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