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It’s pretty beautiful to enjoy rain showers and feel the chilly breeze while sipping on a hot cup of tea. How beautiful monsoon is! It brings new life, liveliness and refreshes our mind. Hardly there is anyone who doesn’t enjoy dancing in the rain. Apart from these lively things, monsoon does cause extreme hair loss. It is normal to lose a few hairs every day but hair-fall during monsoon is scary sometimes. Hair fall is a worldwide problem faced by many people. You will find amazing hair fall tips for hair fall treatment in this blog. There is a saying that “each individual loses 100 hair strands each day.” There is no need to worry much about hair-fall as it is a natural occurrence.


Although there are many reasons responsible for hair fall, some of them are stress, unbalanced diet, deficiency of minerals, intake of regular medicines, and sometimes due to genetics. Acidic rain during monsoon has a great effect on hair. There are high humidity and acidic rainwater, which makes hair dry and frizzy. Rains not only affects your hair but do cause damage to the scalp also. Increase hydrogen level in the atmosphere leading to an adverse effect on hair finally leads to hair fall.

Hair fall tips you must try and follow are:


Hair gets quite hobbled, frizzy and dull during rains. To prevent the frizzes only a shampoo can help by providing volume as well as strength. One must use mild shampoos that have less chemical content in it. Go for sulfate-free shampoos. One question that clicks on almost everyone’s mind is, how often I should wash my hair? The answer to it is :

if you have- Oily hair – wash on alternate days

Normal hair – whenever you need to

Dry hair – Twice a week only.


Due to excessive humidity hair becomes weak and prone to falling. Which is why it is necessary to use hair conditioner after every hair wash. Conditioning makes your hair silky and adds shine to it. One must keep conditioner for 5-7 minutes before rinsing off.



Hair spas remove impurities, unclogs pores, improves blood circulation, and reduce stress. Hence results in healthy hair. You may go to hair salons or try a DIY hair spa at home. One of my favourite hair spa method is :

step 1 : add 1 egg + 2 spoons castor oil + 1 spoon coconut oil + 3 spoons aloe vera gel in a glass bowl.

step 2: mix well and keep it still for 5 minutes.

step 3: apply from roots till ends and keep for one hour

step 4: wash with lukewarm water.


Onion oil is trending in today’s world for problems related to hair. Apart from onion oil, ginger and garlic juices are also gaining importance. For better results, rub onion oil on your scalp with a light hand and keep it overnight then wash it the next day. Repeat this process at least thrice a week for better results.


To prevent too much hair fall, use a wide-toothed comb. Do not comb much during monsoons, keep your hair closed as much as possible. Wide combs make it not only easier for us to de-tangle but also helps in putting less stress on hair roots and saves us from pain as well.


To have healthy hair, it is necessary to have a healthy diet. Healthy eating prevents hair problems not only in monsoons but also throughout the year. Protein-rich foods, juices, water, fatty acids, iron-rich products, yoghurt, green vegetables, and salmon are some must-have food items that you should include in your diet.


Vitamins play a vital role in the growth and development of the body as well as hair growth. Some useful vitamins for hair growth are Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A. Vitamin E helps in blood circulation, Vitamin B is useful for maintaining the dark colour of the hair and Vitamin A provides sebum in the scalp.

hair restoration treatment.

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