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Hair Smoothening Side Effects, Price, and Bad Effects

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hair smoothening side effects Getting straight, smoothened, glossy and lustrous hairs have always been a dream of most girls. Getting such hairs has been a trend for the last few years. People who want a different hair look often try this treatment.

Nowadays this trend is no more a girl thing. Boys too desire for such smoothened glossy hairs. Hair smoothening may superficially look like an easy process but it’s not. It requires a lot of care. Certain things differentiate it from the other process like that rebonding and straightening.

The process of Hair smoothening

Hair smoothening is a milder treatment that results in straight and smooth hairs. For the process, certain things like keratin solution, blow dryer, mild shampoo, flat iron are required. The process starts with washing hairs and then drying them thoroughly.

After this, a particular chemical solution (rich in keratin) is applied to the hairs for about 20 to 25 minutes. The chemical which is used is rich in ‘formaldehyde’. After successfully applying the chemical, hairs are again dried up and a mask is applied from the keratin kit.

They are again rinsed off and then hairs are straightened up using a flat iron 8 to 10 times. It takes up to 2 – 3 days for hairs to fully reconstruct. After the process hairs finally get smoothened.

Benefits of hair smoothening

· Hair smoothening treatment only helps in hair alignment. It does not alter the hair structure. Thus making it less permanent as well as less damaging.

· The treatment is meant for people who already have straight hair and just want frizz-free glossy hair.

· The process only requires finger work. No other tools are required for it.

· In this process no strong chemical is applied so it’s less damaging.

Side Effects Of Smoothening

Some common side effects of smoothening are hair loss, hair breakage, nose irritation, and skin rashes, etc. In some cases, people also face headaches for 2 days after smoothening. Do you know, the heat involves in smoothening breaks your bonds that are too side effects. Moreover, harmful chemicals are applied to your hair that again is a side effect.

So think twice before you go for the smoothening option. Additionally, other side effects of hair smoothening are- its high maintenance charges, and shampoo products. Do check out other hair smoothening side effects below:

· Smoothening is not a permanent treatment which is the most common side effect of smoothening. The gloss and shine are temporary. So it’s not reliable. Moreover, it adds to hair smoothening side effects.

· The process is not worthy of people having curly hairs. So, save your money as well as yourself from the side effects of smoothening hair.

· The keratin solution used could not be suitable for some people. It could cause skin problems and other hair-smoothing side effects.

· Hair fall is another side effect of this treatment. Hence, there are many hair smoothening sides effects of hair. So, choose wisely before you go for it.

Hair Smoothening Side Effects and Benefits

As each coin has two faces, similarly smoothening has benefits as well as side effects. Some common hair-smoothening side effects and benefits are here. Smoothening benefits- smooth, shiny, silky, and long hair.

You look presentable and your hair remains deranged most of the time. Whereas, side effects of smoothening of hair include- excessive hair loss, roughage over time, high maintainability, etc. You also have to take regular hair spas and serums.

Price of The Treatment

· The smoothening treatment’s price is not the same for all. It solely depends upon the hair length and of course the saloon of the customer’s choice. Different parlors and saloons charge differently for this process.

· Well on the average basis it ranges from Rs 2000 to 8000.

· Extra scheduling for the hair spa is charged differently.

Smoothening is a good process for shiny and easily manageable hairs. Unlike other treatments, it too requires a lot of care. To make the process fruitful mild parabens-free shampoos and conditioners should be used. Homemade hair masks could also be beneficial for their long-lasting impacts.




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