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Health Tips for Seasonal Weather Change

As the rainy season ends, it leaves scorching summer heat behind, and the ongoing seasonal weather change period causes severe health risks. Common cold has become a great threat these days. A single sneeze causes panic for us. The fear of Coronavirus is at the peak. So to live on a safer side, we need to have a healthy diet and a good lifestyle.

In this article, I’ll be sharing six easy health tips to follow during the seasonal weather change period:

Keep Mosquitoes away:

Avoid unnecessary storage of standing water. As it promotes the mosquitoes borne disease- dengue. And during this seasonal weather change, the viral disease dengue stays in the hype. Follow these following points:
Use mosquito repellent creams before stepping out of your homes.
Keep your windows/ doors closed as much as possible.
Wear light clothes as dark color attracts insects.
Must use well-covered containers and dust-bins.

Stay Hydrated:

The want of water intake gradually reduces as the season change. Excessive perspiration increases the humidity level in the air leaving us dehydrated. Therefore, you should keep drinking water in small gaps. If you have a busy schedule and you usually have less than the minimum water required per day, then you can have some healthy beverages like soups and herbal green teas.

stay hydrated during season change

Stay Clean:

A dirty environment leads to fungal infection and several diseases. And with the arrival of monsoon season, you have to be more careful of the place you live in. During weather change, you should bathe at least twice a day. Stay clean, stay healthy.

Take Proper Rest:

During sleep, the body renews and repairs the cells. Therefore, if you do not sleep properly you will end up falling sick and weak. During weather change, a normal human being requires at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep. The best time for sleep is at night. If you are a night owl then stop it as early as possible. Don’t force your body to stay awake till late at night. Rather stay in dim lights and avoid bright lights in the evening.

take proper rest during weather change

Do Regular Exercises:

One of the best ways to boost immunity is to do exercises regularly. It not only boosts immunity but also reduces the risk of diseases and infection. Other benefits of exercises are good mental health, induces sound sleep, freshens mood, and improves the blood flow. And if these lines are not motivating you, you should read this point again to get an amazing body shape. A heavy workout is not needed, simple running, cycling and jogging can be beneficial too.

exercises during weather change

Eat Healthy:

If you are healthy, the chance of getting a disease or infection is less. So it is most important to stay healthy and this can only be done by eating healthy. Just after the monsoons the season change and the risk of getting water-borne diseases gets high.
Drink filtered water only.
Avoid having street foods.
Have a proper healthy diet (including fruits, drinks, salads, etc.)




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