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Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Are Actually Evidence Based


5 MUST FOLLOW HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TIPS: When there is a lack of good health, your life suffers. Concentration level decreases, you become lazy and this can make you fall behind others. Therefore, if you want to succeed in life, you should keep ”health” first on your priority list. Here are 5 healthy lifestyle tips that are actually evidence-based:


1. Daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.

If you follow a rigid routine every day, it becomes easier to manage daily work activities. The pandemic has affected us to a great extent both physically and mentally. A structured routine can put you back on the track of life. This method may be strict or casual as you design it to be. But make sure not to run away from your structured routine once you start it. You can easily divide your daily tasks and things will get sorted and you will feel less stressed and motivated.

2. Be a healthy foodie.

The habit of always eating isn’t a problem unless you are eating healthy. If your food contains snacks and fatty items then it is the time for reconsidering your shopping cart. Eat popcorn instead of chips. Go for oats, yogurt, pulses, and fruits. Berries, peppers, and other healthy combos are good to try. It’s okay if you have sweets and snacks but on limited cheat days only. Push yourself to better food items that can make you healthy. Fit Foodie is a healthy foodie!

3. Follow a few good habits.

Since this pandemic has started, most of us are at home since March. So why not utilize this precious time to learn a few healthy habits that can do wonders to our lifestyle. With everyone living under the same roof we can learn from each other. Some habits are as follows:
Brushing teeth at least twice a day.
Drink plenty of water.
Share your feelings with your family.
Sneeze while keeping your mouth covered.
These are some of my suggestions, you may extend it further. This is the time when you are together with your family after so long, don’t let it go in vain.

4. Stay Mentally fit | healthy mind, healthy body.

Unless someone shares information with you, it is quite a task to know whether the person is okay or not. Mental health check-ups can guide you in managing depression-like issues. Do not stay suffocated, rather share your heart out with others. If you are an introverted person, pen down your feelings and thoughts, you will surely feel better and will help you in reaching peace of mind. Go for walks, do yoga, and meditate. Some symptoms that you may have depression are as follows:

Are not sleeping on time?
Or you are overthinking too much?
Is loneliness eating you?
Do you stay nervous most of the time?
Are you skipping meals?
So, if you are going through any such issue, go and see a doctor as soon as possible.

5. Nature and Immunity go hand in hand.

Apart from eating healthy, a person who stays in touch with nature tends to have stronger immunity. This is why health professionals also recommend us to go for walks and do gardening as healthy exposure of the human body to microbes boosts our immune system. Sunlight gives Vitamin D, the most important nutrient in maintaining good health. Breathing fresh air can reduce respiratory diseases and strengthens lungs, thereby reducing the chances of illness.



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