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Horror Movies Are Bad For Mental Health

Everyone likes to watch movies. It can be either watching movies in a theatre, or on television on a friend’s night out. So may I ask what genre do you prefer? Let me guess. Is it Horror movies? Well if it is, do you know horror movies are bad for mental health? Yes, that’s true! Horror movies is a movie genre that is preferred by most people over other genres. But watching a haunted film can be bad for your
mental health as it may show adverse effects on sleep. Having some chilling entertainment is reasonable, but it should not be for the sake of your mental health.

However, watching ghost horror movies also have some positive impacts on your brain. And may provide a few benefits too. So let’s find out how horror movies are bad for mental health and some of their positive effects.

Horror movies are bad for mental health:

If you love watching horror movies, the psychological impacts of a haunted film on your brain will be distinct in case if you don't love watching horror movies. In such a case it can make you frightened and you may experience anxiety. If you enjoy a ghost horror movie, then for you it will be like a roller coaster ride, with a raised heartbeat and just an adrenaline wave. However, horror movies can be bad for your mental health and can cause a wide variety of side effects relying on the individual. So let’s find out few psychological effects of watching horror movies:

Effects of Horror Movies on your brain:

Ghost horror movies create illusions of fear and suspense by using images sound and story. While watching a haunted film, your brain is conscious that it is untrue but still, your body trembles and you get goosebumps as if it is real. This can also have negative effects on sleep. Horror movies may even provoke a reaction if you suffer from the post-traumatic stress disorder. In this disorder, your brain is unable to distinguish between illusion and reality. Your mind may relate some traumatic memories with some events of that haunted film. So in some situations watching horror movies can be bad for your mental health.

Effects on sleep:

The adrenaline rush that happens while watching a haunted film can also make it harder to fall asleep. Even if you are the one who loves to watch a horror movie, you may feel harder to sleep. Loss of sleep can negatively affect the processing of the brain. Poor sleep is also related to mental health issues. If you are not able to have a proper sleep after watching a horror movie, maybe you should think of changing your movie genre for the sake of your mental health. Really if it has such negative effects on sleep, horror movies are bad for mental health.

Enhances anxiety levels:

Watching a ghost horror movie may increase the chances of developing anxiety conditions. Your brain stores the experienced fear while watching the movie in its memory. This memory may come up sometimes inciting trauma and fear. This can eventually lead to anxiety. Increased anxiety levels may also have negative effects on sleep. Other consequences may include is irrational fears, interest in demonology, aspects that are not psychologically healthy for the mind. So horror movies are bad for mental health as it can trigger your anxiety levels.

Physiological effects of watching horror movies:

Effects on your heart:

Watching a haunted film can enhance the heart rate. It can even cause a risk of a heart attack. Horror movies can trigger a heart attack if the physical and psychological responses come together simultaneously. If you have increased blood pressure, watching ghost horror movies can even cause a risk of stroke. So horror movies are bad for mental health and can be also bad for your heart.

Effects on your behavior:

Ghost horror movies can also trigger aggressive behavior if you have difficulty controlling your emotions. You may fear getting into dark places or may get afraid of any sound at night which can lead to offensive behavior. You may also have trouble sleeping at night. Watching horror movies can make you afraid of little things.

Reasons to stop watching horror movies:

There are plenty of reasons to stop watching horror movies. Watching a haunted film can have negative effects on your sleep, it can even get your heart attack or a panic attack, it also has negative effects on your brain and makes get you post- traumatic stress. Horror movies are bad for your mental health as watching horror movies can have extremely negative effects on sleep. Mental health is linked with a night of good sleep and if watching a ghost horror movie is giving you chills at night, it can be a good reason to stop watching horror movies.

Benefits and positive effects of watching horror films:

Horror films can lower levels of fear and anxiety:

Horror movies are bad for mental health however, if you are frequently watching haunted films your brain may become used to the fearful images and sounds over time. Your brain will have less reactive emotions the next time you watch a horror movie. This can help in lowering the levels of anxiety and fear.

It can boost your immune system:

Watching a haunted film increases your heart rate that increases the blood circulation in your body. This enhances the number of white blood cells which enhances your immune system.

It can enhance brain activity:

Watching a ghost horror movie releases neurotransmitters in your brain, which enhances brain activities and makes you alert for some time.

Teachers how to face your fears:

In horror movies, the story mostly revolves around people fights a supernatural force, and their will to survive. It gives a good message that you should always fight your fear no matter how dangerous it is and to never give up. Maybe horror movies are bad for mental health but these can also, help fight fears.


Watching haunted films can be reasonable for you if you are not extremely emotional or frightened. Horror movies are bad for your mental health as you may find trouble sleeping. It can very adversely affect your sleep. Moreover, there are numerous other bad effects on your brain, heart, behavior, and, hormones. However, there are also many positive effects of watching ghost horror movies like it can help boost Your immune system, enhances brain activity, and teaches you to face your fears.


Q1. Do horror films affect the brain?
Horror films can negatively affect the brain and trigger post-traumatic stress. The dangerous and fearful images of horror movies are captured by the brain and might get stored in your memory and give you sleepless nights. This can affect your sleep adversely leading to negative effects on mental health.

Q2. Can horror movies help with depression?
When you watch horror movies many times, your brain becomes familiar with anxious sounds and images. You can face fear and this can help you to cope up with anxiety and depression.

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