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How to apply lipstick perfectly| Tips ‘n’ Tricks!

Applying lipstick is one of the best parts of makeup. It is the thing that completes our makeup. For a few people, just lipstick and a kajal are the go-to looks for every day. Lipstick and lip colors enhance the looks and enhance the makeup beautifully. But most of the ladies practice the wrong ways and therefore they mess up their pretty lips as well as their overall makeup.

But don’t worry now. You have come to the right place. Here we will be discussing a few tips, tricks, and hacks that will provide you an idea of how to apply smudge-free flawless lipstick.

Before applying lipstick there are a few of the steps that you are required to follow so that your lipstick can last long as well as can be smudge-free.

Things to do before you go for a lipstick:

1. Hydrate your lips

  • Hydrating the lips is the number one step that you can use before applying the lipstick.
  • Moisturize your lips with any of your favorite lip balm or petroleum jelly.

Moisturizing the lips will remove the dryness from the lips and will give a subtle background for settling your lipstick.

2. Exfoliate your lips

  • Exfoliation is the second step.
  • Exfoliate your lips with your fingers or using a brush over the applied lip balm.

This process will actually remove the dead skin cells from your lips.

3. Depigmentation

  • The third hack which you can use before applying lipstick is depigmentation.
  • You can use a primer, foundation or a concealer in your lips as well as in the areas surrounding your lips.
  • This will provide your lips and your nearby skin an even tone. It will acts as your lipstick base so that it can last long.
  • Your lips will be a fresh canvas for your liquid matte lipsticks or any of your nude shade.

4.Use a liner

Most people forget the use of liner and they just apply the lipstick without applying it.

  • The liner provides your lips a border and you can easily apply lipstick inside of that border linings without making your lipstick messy.

How to apply lipstick?

To apply a good smudge-free flawless lipstick follow these steps-

1. Firstly cover the Cupid bow of your upper lip with lipstick making a cross around it
2. Now with the tip of the lipstick, cover the outer linings of your lips.
3. You can either start with the upper lip or your own one according to your convenience.
4. Follow the natural lining of your lip.
5. Do not overline your lips.

The do’s and don’ts of applying lipstick

1. Avoid trying to make a contact with both lips just after applying the lipstick.

It is perfect for a creamy lipstick but when it comes to a liquid lipstick then pressing both of the lips together will make your lips patchy. Therefore it is advised to do top and bottom lips separately.

2. Avoid using too much of the lipstick.

As it will create patchiness and dryness to your lips. Instead of that try to first outline your lips with the lipstick and then with the help of your finger gently dab on your lips so that the small amount of that product is distributed equally on both of your lips.

3. Remove the applied leftover moisturizer with the help of tissue paper so that you’re left with the moisturized clean even lips.

Few other tips n tricks!

Gradient effect

  • If you want to give a gradient affect to your lips then after applying a dark lipstick apply another shade of nude one.
  • Dab it with fingers and you will find a changed color with gradient.

How to remove the lipstick?

  • Most of the people just gently rub the lipstick with a tissue paper or cloth by force.
  • Instead of doing that you can apply a moisturizer or a pre conditioners like Vaseline or lip balm so that your lips get moisturized and lipstick could be easily removed.

Applying lipstick is an art and of course an art requires practice. By following these simple take care methods and measures, you can be
an expert in applying lipsticks. And of course, you will surely get compliments for this wherever you go.

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