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How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup has affected the present generation in a positive way as well as a negative one. With the increasing use of makeup, it’s mandatory to guide the present generation about the cleaning of the brushes used for applying makeup.
You do look good applying and adoring yourself with makeup, but had you ever thought that this makeup brush tends to get dirty after a few uses. Makeup brushes cling onto dirt, grime and oils that clogs the pores and hinders the makeup brush ability to apply makeup and beautify skin.
Here, I won’t tell you that you have got to spend hours worrying about your cleaning brushes process, but definitely you will be guided by the best and effective ways to clean up your makeup brush at home in no time.

Cleaning makeup brushes

There are a variety of ways to get the makeup, cleaning job done at home. We today run short of time and adore trying homemade tips for carrying out basic life processes. We will be looking at some easy to follow guides to aid this process of cleaning up our brushes at home.

The first point to be remembered is that you need to wash your brush regularly with lukewarm water after every use for maintaining the beauty of your face. Thus there comes great need to avoid formation of bacteria.
Moving into an important part is that deep cleaning of the brush needs to be done once a week to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. For this, brush cleansers at home like shampoo, dish soap, face wash or makeup brush cleanser can be used. Depending on the ease and the effects, we need to pick for ourselves the best cleanser.

Concealer and foundation brushes are to be washed more often. This is because they are usually the tools coated with thick layers of makeup which may bring down your face beauty.

Shampoo to clean makeup brushes
Mild cleansers like baby shampoo or clarifying shampoo are the best options to clean up your brushes at home. This process won’t dry out your brushes and won’t damage the glue present in the inside of the handle. Dish soap can also be used over here.

Mild shampoos have the ability to benefit your brushes and beautify your skin and are thus the most preferred options.


Dampen your makeup brush with lukewarm water until the bristles get wet. Wet them in an upside down position to avoid water getting to ferrule, the metallic part just below the bristles. Then swirl the bristles in a bowl filled with water and a half teaspoon of shampoo. Once bristles are coated with shampoo paste, gently massage the bristles to form the formation of bubbles This would take 20 to 25 seconds. At last, wash it thoroughly to get off all the makeup and dirt from the brush.
To efficiently remove all traces, residues and build up, a makeup brush cleanser tools is also advised to easily clean up your makeup brushes at home.

Dish soap and olive oil
Washing your brush in a mixture of antibacterial dish soap and olive oil is indeed among the best ways to clean up dirty makeup brushes at home. This remedy will be applicable depending on your skin type as dish soap includes aggressive detergents and can cause irritation of the skin.

The procedure for this method is as follows.
In a bowl, mix two parts dish soap with one part of olive oil. Slowly swirl your makeup brush in it till all dirt removes. Wash it thoroughly to remove the soap and gunk.

Drying makeup brush
Drying is an essential process that needs to be followed nicely after the washing of makeup brushes. To dry up your makeup brush, squeeze out the extra water nicely with soft hands and little pressure. Place a dry towel on a table. Over the towel, keep your brush for the process of drying.
The drying of the brush would take time depending on the brush size. Don’t try to get this done with a drier as it may finally damage and warp the bristles on your brush.


Aren’t these methods simple and less time consuming. We can’t continue to avoid such an important task of cleaning up our makeup brushes. A healthy brush will bring out healthy skin results and will glow up your natural skin.

So with this easy to follow up guide, I recommend you to wash makeup brushes after every use and do their deep cleaning at least once a week to avoid clogged pores and breakouts and thus beautify your face. Same goes for cleaning foundation and concealer brushes since these are usually coated with thick makeup layers and hence need great cleaning.

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