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How To Gain Weight Fast and Easy?

Gaining weight is not an issue but to gain the ‘right weight’ is the one.

We consider that people trying to lose weight are the only sufferers. But there are people too who are tired of seeing their bony skeletal like body. Such people suffer embarrassment and make the subject of joke anywhere they visit. No matter how much an underweight person eats, he/she usually seem malnourished.

  • Generally, a person requires 1600 calories in a day for all metabolic activities. While in case of an underweight person intake of 2600 calories is a must. 

My cousin used to suffer from this weight gain problem. No matter what she ate those calories would never be effective to her body. But when she cautiously followed the proper diet especially including carbs and healthy fats, she noticed the results. Being underweight can also be home to many diseases like infertility, early death. A person may be more prone to infections and fractures. In this article, I will be sharing some of the healthy habits for weight gain.

  • More energy-giving food

To gain weight a person should include more energy-giving foods in his diet. Nuts including walnuts, almonds, cashews should be taken. Consumption of dairy products like milk(full-fat milk), ghee, butter, cheese should be taken in proportionate amounts.

  • Include protein-rich foods in your diet.

Pulses and legumes should be included. Fish and Eggs could be the best foods for you. Eggs are a good source of protein, fats as well as healthy nutrients. They are considered to be good for a bulky body diet.

  • More carbohydrates

To include more carb-rich foods in your meals. Rice / fried rice, Roti, and millets are rich in carbohydrates which will not only provide you energy but also will bulk up your body with a healthy weight. Whole grain bread could also be included in the diet.

  • Banana shake

One glass of homemade banana shake can help you to put up some weight. Usually consider it as your evening snack with fries.

  • Coffee / Tea with cream or Sugar 

If used in proper amounts could be helpful for weight gain.

  • Exercise:

Weightlifting and other exercises could be good for bulking up the calories in form of muscles. It can pump the muscles up.

  • Additional meals:

Try to consume additional meals after every big meal. Your stomach should be full. More calorie intake will help in more body bulking.


 Unlike weight loss, weight gain too is a hard-working task. For proper weight gain, healthy food habits should be followed.

After all, you simply can’t eat everything…..Right!

Try not to rely on junk foods and fast foods. They can make you obese in a long run. A proper weight gain process requires a lot of patience. You are required to change your food habits. You are also required to eat food which is a high package of calories. 

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