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Ideas to celebrate New year’s eve at home

The last month of 2020 had already embarked and will soon take off to say goodbye. The new year would then come knocking at your doors. So what are your ideas to celebrate New year’s Eve at home? Or do you have any New year party ideas? Well, this year New year’s Eve is going to be very different, perhaps because of the pandemic.

Going out and partying may not be prudent. So possibly the best New year party idea is to keep up at home and have a shot. But how are you getting on to celebrate the new year? Well, there are many creative ideas to celebrate New year’s Eve. So let’s discover a few new year eve party ideas for 2020 and likewise some new year eve party decoration ideas too:

Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s 2020:

  • Special food party:

New years’ eve party 2020 even at home can be tremendous with your special favourite meal. You can actually call your pals at your home and have a favorite food party. Moreover, you can prepare food yourself as it would be safer from ordered food from outside. And appreciation must be given to the lockdown, cooking is not a nightmare anymore. This is certainly the nicest idea to celebrate New year’s Eve at home.


  • A Movie night:

Movies are practically everyone’s favorite. Ahead with good food, bring some decent films to watch. Even if you are not calling your pals, you can enjoy a good family movie along with your family members. You might choose any comedy or thriller movies to watch. Nothing is as much as relaxing than having your food along with watching your favorite movie. It’s an absolute idea to celebrate new year’s eve at home.


  • A good game night:

If you are not a movie fan, you can swap it with some engaging games. Games like dumb charades, bingo, family feud, categories can flirt. It can make the new year more fun and joyful. Just imagine having your special food and then gearing up for a nice game, how fascinating it’s getting on too. If you have a young brother or sister, you can play some car racing games or Barbie games. It would make their day too. It would the best New Year eve party 2020 for you and your family.


  • Passionate candlelight dinner:

Candlelight dinner never goes out of craze. Be it an anniversary or any birthday celebration or even a new year celebration, it will remain delicate and romantic. If you want to celebrate New year eve with your better half, you can have an exotic candlelight dinner. Select your decoration with lovely flowers and chocolates along with delicious supper. And don’t forget to buy elegant candlesticks. This idea to celebrate the new year eve can be best for you if you want to make your better half pleased.


Decoration Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s:

  • Make a catalogue or photo album on the corner wall:

You would precisely agree that 2020 was undoubtedly a year to be memorized. There were some big and nasty things that ensued. You can decorate a small fraction of your corner wall and renovate it into a catalog or photo album. You can put in images and also jot down stuff that you learned or that you want to recall. It will be like a Wall of remembrances. Just in case your buddies join you, they can too write something on the album. Absolutely a new year party decoration idea that you can strive on this new year eve 2020.


  • Adorn your wall with balloons:

If you want a photo stall for your new year eve party 2020, you can skip it with a backdrop of lots of colourful balloons. This will look very cool in your photos. You can also use some small cushions to line up at the very end of the wall. This will bring the area extra warmth and comfort. Incredibly simple and inexpensive new year party decoration idea that you can accomplish with least effort.


  • Decorating your dinner table for a dinner party:

If you are having a candlelight dinner with your spouse or just having a family dinner, the decoration of the table should look alluring. It’s a great idea to celebrate new year eve by adorning your table with mixed metallics and with some purples and blacks. You can even make some flowers out of ribbons or laces, and decorate them along with the metallic. It will surely give a very new and gorgeous look to your dinner table. It’s eventually a fabulous new year party idea 2020.



  • Go on with a theme:

Festoon your living area with a unique theme and bring the new year party even more enticing. You can decorate your living room with helium filed balloons left above the walls. Light some beautiful and colourful candles and you can place them on the table. You can get the soft and cozy mattress and lay it on the floor. This whole idea of decorating your living room can have your new year eve to be more wonderful. It is one of the nicest new year party decoration idea 2020.



Having fun in the new year is not compulsory to only partying in a luxurious hotel. You can have a lot more fun during the New year eve in the solace of your home. Also during this time, it is a ton safer to be at home and commemorate the coming year. Furthermore when you have bunches of good ideas to enjoy the New year Eve. And when these are so simple new year decoration ideas, there is nothing to bother about. Prefer the one which you love and go on. It’s confident that you are going to have a great new year party in 2020.


How to celebrate safely New year party?

You can celebrate new year party safely at your home with family or friends. You can have a good food dinner, movie night or even a game night, even have a romantic candle night dinner with a partner and have a lot of fun together. This is the best ways to celebrate this new year.

Is it safe to party in this pandemic situation?

Partying at home on this new year eve can be a lot safer than partying outside. The pandemic situation is not yet over and there is no surety that will not get infected in any party. You may go out for a party but with a lot of care for yourself and others. Never forget to wear a mask and have a little sanitizer with yourself if going party outside.


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