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Indian Industry Had A Shake After Boycotting Chinese Goods:

The break out of the Nobel coronavirus from China and increasing tension in the borders had led Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to ask us to be self-reliant under the program “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. The boycott of the Chinese products we get from imports was one of the most proclaimed things under the program. Concerning of the import-export business India does with China is very huge as India is among the biggest importer of Chinese goods. The boycotting of Chinese goods had shaken the industrial sector in India to some extent and the purpose of the boycotting doesn’t look like getting any emphasis.

List of goods imported in India from China:

The Indian industrial and consumer market is flooded with the Chinese goods and products. From consumer goods to essential pharmaceutical products, smartphones and automobiles, electronic goods, and many more, India imports a wide range of products from China.

A look into the import-export business between India and China:

Being the biggest importer of Chinese goods, India’s exports to China is 7 time lesser than its imports. The 2019 data report claims that the exports to China was around dollar 16.7 billion and imports were around dollar 70.3 billion. So the trade deficit is around dollar 53.6 billion. In the same year, it is reported that India’s export to China grew to a dollar of 16.9 billion and imports were declined to 68.2 billion. But do this decline in their export will affect China as the Chinese export of India is only 2% of its total exports. That means if India boycotts all the Chinese good completely there will not be a very big impact on China.

Impact of Chinese goods in the Indian market:

The range of Chinese goods that people in India use are so huge that boycotting these products had not only hampered the growth of businesses but has also so shut many industries affecting the local businesses. If we look into the smartphone industry in India, the most popular brands that people use are mostly Chinese companies. Brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo and Oppo contributes to 60 percent of India’s smartphone market. Even the country’s you market is mostly occupied with Chinese toys. Boycotting these products will have an impact on all these businesses as well as on the Indian economy.

Boycotting cannot be a solution:

If we look into the past there are hardly any pieces of evidence that show the boycott could work. In the early 1930s, China boycotted all Japanese goods as a pretest against Japanese colonization. In 2003, the United State tried to boycott French goods but nothing of these eventually worked and the purpose for which it is done is never fulfilled. This is eventually the same case.

Proper planning and commitment:

For being self-reliant, we have got a stage where we can easily access it and this would help us to not be dependent anymore. It will only be possible when our own companies would be able to produce goods which can meet consumer needs and can also face competition in the market. Not only on quantity buy the quality of the products had to be also strengthened. A proper mechanism is required to meet the availability of substitute products that can compete efficiently in quality and cost against the Chinese product. Liberalization of Foreign Direct Investment can be a major step in making India is more self-reliant. An increase in FDI may provide a push to the industrial
sector toward better production.

Focusing on long term plans:

The purpose of being self-reliant cant be obtained in a short time. I  need time when you aim for something big. The boycott of Chinese goods
will only be favorable for India when we will be able to produce goods of the same quality and provide the citizen with what they need and then slowly cutting the dependency on Chinese goods. This will help India being self-reliant and then there will be the growth of the industrial sector.

Planning and patience is the key to success and when dealing with a country like China, we have to be more focused on the long term benefits then hoping of getting results quickly. China has a good market for its product not only in India but many other Asian countries, so it will not make much effect on its imports if we boycott its products. Because now we may have boycotted, maybe tomorrow we again need them. Their efforts will work when we are not at all dependent on China or any other foreign goods. That will be a true self-reliant India.


Q1. Which products are exported to India from China?
India exports a wide range of products from China such as consumer goods, vehicles and automobiles, solar cells, essential pharmaceuticals products, drugs and antibiotics, smartphones, and many others.

Q2. What is China’s best exporter of?
China is the best exporter of refined petroleum, cotton, plywood, petroleum gas, and tea.

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