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Inflammatory foods can cause heatstroke; risks and how to avoid them.

Today’s times have changed the lifestyle patterns of people but these changes have also resulted in an invitation to various health-related problems. According to researchers most of the health-related problems are caused by poor diet, inactivity, and stress. Inflammation
is of them. Inflammation food is not a complex problem. It’s considered a normal response of our body to an illness or any injury.
Moreover, this helps the body to fight against the germs and helps in easy healing of the wounds. But this invites a troublemaker when it becomes chronic. If the levels of inflammation decrease in the body then it could result in the growth of plagues. This irritates the blood vessels and triggers the blood clots ultimately resulting in heart stroke.

Usually, high cholesterol or high B.P are the causes of heart stroke. But in this case heart stroke‘s cause is clots blockage. In such conditions consumption of inflammatory foods is considered to be the major cause of heatstroke.

Inflammatory foods

As mentioned earlier heart stroke due to inflammation is a result of an improper diet. Unhealthy foods also contribute to weight gain,
which is itself a risk factor for inflammation. Foods which has high cholesterol and sugar levels are not at all considered good for a healthy heart. Some of such inflammatory foods are:

Refined carbohydrates –

We never say no to bread, pastries, cookies, or chips. They look super yummy. But this food contains processed sugars that are against a healthy heart.

Trans fats –

These are artificially created so the body doesn’t respond to them. Fast food is such an example that not only causes heart disease but
also results in inflammation in fat tissues.

Processed Meat

It is again an enemy of a healthy heart that results in obesity, colon and stomach cancer.

  • Fried foods are one of the inflammatory foods.
  • Heavy alcohol consumption and smoking practices also result in inflammation.
  • Preservatives and Artificial sweeteners too cause heart problems.

Anti-inflammatory foods

As an antidote work against the disease. In the same manner, to counteract the inflammation, anti- inflammatory foods should be used in the daily diet. These foods not only give you a healthy heart but also lowers the risk of other diseases.

Some of the heart-healthy diets are :

  •  Herbs and Spices especially ginger and turmeric are good ways for a healthy heart.
  •  Leafy green vegetables which are rich in Vitamin K and Iron improves heart functioning. These are also considered as one of the, best anti-inflammatory foods.
  •  Organic berries like Rose berries, cherries, and strawberries are good anti-inflammatory foods.
  •  Legumes and pulses if included in the daily diet can be one of the best food for you.
  •  Tea is another anti-inflammatory food.
  • Dark chocolate is also considered good for a healthy heart.
  • Olive oil is another good anti-inflammatory food.

By following healthy lifestyle habits one can lower the risks of heart attack especially due to inflammation. Instead of processed and packed
foods, whole foods should be preferred. More veggies, nuts, and fruits should be made part of the daily diet. Exercising daily or just being
active can also lower the heatstroke risks. So making your heart healthy solely depends on you. Your heart needs care.

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