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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery| Price, Risks and Benefits

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Earlier if people used to have any vision problem then glasses and spectacles were the solutions. Then came the contact lenses. But these two things had their pros and cons and couldn’t satisfy the demand for a growing world. Lasik surgery came as a boon to the people who have a vision problem. Lasik laser eye surgery is a long lasting treatment which is a permanent replacement to contact lenses and glasses.


This eye surgery( also known as photorefractive surgery ) is a popular surgery. This surgery is used to correct the vision of people who either suffer from myopia(short-sightedness), hypermetropia( long-sightedness), or astigmatism(blurry vision condition).
This surgery reshapes the cornea(the front portion of the eye) and adjusts the focus of the image on your retina( the region of image formation).

Lasik surgery cost:

The cost of Lasik eye surgery depends upon the clinic we choose as well as upon the conditions of the patient’s eyes. It is different for the person having farsightedness, short-sightedness, or blurry vision. So it completely depends upon the person’s condition as well as on the hospital to which the person goes for the surgery. 
Well, the LASIK surgery cost in India starts from 10,000 to 90,000 INR. Some of the laser clinics use older technology which further reduces the cost. Whereas, in USA Lasik cost around 2,200 $ per eye.

Importance of the Lasik

Many studies have shown that this process has been fruitful for the correction of refractive errors.  Surgery is believed to have 95.4% of the success in getting 20 by 20vision. As mentioned earlier Lasik is a great replacement for glasses and contact lenses.

Risks Factors due to laser eyes surgery

It’s quite obvious that everything has its pros and cons. Lasik surgery is also one of them. It too has the risk factors. After all, it is concerned with the most delicate organ of our body i.e. our eyes.
  • Sometimes people don’t get the desired results. Even after the surgery, the vision tends to remain unaided and unchanged.
  • People who go through the surgery often complain about dry eyes and glare problems. 
  • This surgery may even result in a disturbed retina.
  • Some people may even suffer from long-term complications of the surgery like eye infections and pain in the eyes.
  • Surgery may also result in loss of vision if not done properly.
  • Some patients have to wear glasses and contact lenses even after the surgery.


Recovery after the surgery| laser vision

The recovery period of the patient depends upon the conditions and the type of surgery he has undergone. Initially, the patient feels a little bit of burning and light sensation for up to 4 hours. But after 24 hours the patient sees things. A patient is fully recovered after 2 to 5days of the surgery.
After the surgery utmost care should be given to the eyes. Follow up visits with an eye doctor are important and should be kept in mind. Kindly follow measures suggested by the doctors sincerely.

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