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Modern Outdoor Christmas Decoration Tips 2020

The Christmas month has finally arrived and along with the chilling winter it has bought the festival vibes again and everywhere you go, you would find people discussing the outdoor Christmas decoration ideas and a lot more. Aren’t you also thinking about the same? But are you tired of doing the same decorations again and again? So here are few classy and modern outdoor Christmas decorations that you might feel including and your decorations this Christmas. So let’s check them out:

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas:

1. Unique decoration ideas for your front door :

If you’re have invited people to your house during Christmas, you should also have a cooler looking front door area decorations. These decorations need not be very luxurious but very simple and attractive. And this is one of the main best outdoor Christmas decoration that could make your house look beautiful and classy:

christmas tree

Wooden board with signs :

On one side of your front door, you can put up a sign like joy or welcome or merry Christmas in a vertical style on a wooden board. The writing on the board can be made more attractive by using some good Calligraphy. It could be one of the small yet catchy parts of your
outdoor Christmas decoration.

Cute and small Christmas trees:

Putting up large Christmas trees are usually very common, so you could put small Christmas trees on both sides of your front door. You
can also add colorful lights on the trees to make them look more attractive. It would add to your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas giving your guests a joyous feel.

Christmas light Garlands:

You can also decorate your front door using Christmas light garlands. Also in place of lights, you can use some old lanterns which would
give your house a classy and decent look. For the DIY Garland lanterns, you could use a thick rope and tie the lanterns onto a knot with the rope. This would one of the most attractive outdoor Christmas decoration ideas if you do it this Christmas.

christmas decor

Colorful theme:

Aren’t you bored with the usual theme of red and green every year in Christmas? Well, you could change them with a colorful theme this
time. Or if you don’t want a color theme you can also switch to a navy blue theme as the color of Christmas 2k20 is navy blue. This
would not only make your best outdoor Christmas decoration very unique but also very attractive and classy.

Christmas chandelier:

You can also put a chandelier in the area of your front door. It can be a grapevine wreath with strings, and you can also decorate it with
lights and green leaves, and flowers. It would look very awesome and beautiful. One of the great outdoor lighted Christmas decorations you can try this Christmas.

2. Front yard or garden Christmas decorations:

Along with decorating your front door, your front yard or garden also needs a beautiful decoration for welcoming your guests. So here are a few outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that you may find interesting:

Outdoor bench:

If you have an outdoor bench, well you can decorate it with few Christmas theme cushions. You can also put a few Santa dolls near the
bench to make it look cute and lovely. You can also add a bonfire if you want to, it would make the sitting area super cozy and it would be
great for your guests. They can even sit here and have some selfie sessions and it would be a good time. This part of your outdoor Christmas decoration would be the most attention grabber.

christmas snowman

Wooden Christmas tree:

You can put a wooden Christmas tree in place of a regular one. It can be put in the front yard of your house. It would look very classy and different. You can also put some wooden gifts in front of the tree to make it more attractive. This outdoor Christmas decoration
would be very simple yet noteworthy and classy.

Copper tea lights or wine bottle candlestick:

You can also put copper tea lights on the pathway to your house, this would take little effort but still give your pathway a little dominance
and will lit up the way to your house. Also if you have stairs on your entrance, you can put wine bottles as a candlestick. You may use discarded wine bottles and on top of it, you can add candles. You can also spray paint the bottle in matte black. This will add to your decorations making them look more enticing. This outdoor lighted Christmas decoration would make your house look like one of those in the Disney movies.

Christmas gifts


Santa’s rein deers can also be a part of your decorations. You can cut out the shape of reindeers from the hardboard and place them in the front yard area. It would look very simple yet very alluring.

Child’s playhouse into Christmas turnovers:

If you have children playhouse, you can give your children the best Christmas present by giving a Christmas turnover to their playhouse.
It would be also a part of your outdoor Christmas decoration. You can put up some Santa dolls and small Christmas trees on the front of the
playhouse and also put up a giant star on the top of the house. Also, add some Christmas light Garland to make the playhouse more glamorous and lovely.

christmas decoration

These were a few modern outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that you can consider this Christmas. Also, you can add your innovations to
these ideas. It would enhance the decoration and also your creativity. So this Christmas give your house and garden a new look with these awesome outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.


Q1. What are the colors for Christmas 2020?
Why the traditional colors for Christmas are red and green, you can often see these colors in Christmas decorations. As the color for 2020 is navy blue, decors are using navy blue as the color for Christmas this year.

Q2. What is the best Christmas decoration?
Bright and frosty, Dimples and tangles, outdoor bench decoration, ice lanterns, snowman, wooden Christmas tree, yardstick star wrapped with lights, copper tea lights, wine bottle candlesticks, mini Christmas trees, bells, lights, Christmas chandeliers etc. are all the best Christmas decoration.


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