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Smoothie Ideas – Recipe, Benefits and Myths

Smoothie, what a mouth-watering drink. Isn’t it? We know how luscious smoothies are. Smoothie is a great source of fiber, micro, and macronutrients but still, some myths are going around about this topic. So, today we are going to reveal all the things about smoothie and I hope after reading this article you will be…

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morning or evening workout

Effortless Morning vs Evening Workouts: Which is Better?

Doing exercises is best for us, it keeps us healthy and removes stress from our mind and body. Different people do exercises as per their interests and goals. There is always a debate between the timing of the workout, whether it should be in the morning or evening? What is the best timing for the…

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Sometimes living between bills, family, career, and workload lead to an anxious mess. Anxiety can enter at any point in life. It may be with you since birth or started to grow in later years. You are not alone. As per the AADA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), anxiety disorder is one of the…

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Before we began with the demerits and merits of drinking coffee, first let’s talk about compounds in coffee. Coffee naturally contains various compounds like caffeine, antioxidants, and diterpenes. These compounds not only add flavours but also give a healthy effect on our bodies.   COMPOUNDS OF COFFEE: Caffeine Caffeine is a major active compound in coffee. It…

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How Much Fruits We Need In A Day

Fruit, what a delicious thing to eat isn’t it? Having fruits give us freshness which we hardly get anywhere. Your healthy diet is empty without fruits. There are many health benefits you can get from fruits and they also decrease the risk of many diseases. Fruits are high in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins including C,…

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weight loss exercises

Doing exercises still not losing weight? Why?

In today’s world, a large number of individuals face obesity and weight gain which further results in an invitation to many severe diseases. Many people are health conscious and adds exercises in their daily routine for weight loss. But after some time, they realize that the exercises are doing no good to them. So, where…

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BENEFITS OF ONIONS HELPS TO REDUCE  Onions are often used in our daily food, or we can say it is one of the most essential food products. Onion is not only filling your food with taste but also with add nutrition to it. Some of the benefits of onions are down below. Follows on social…

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seasonal weather change

Health Tips for Seasonal Weather Change

As the rainy season ends, it leaves scorching summer heat behind, and the ongoing seasonal weather change period causes severe health risks. Common cold has become a great threat these days. A single sneeze causes panic for us. The fear of Coronavirus is at the peak. So to live on a safer side, we need…

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Cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for COVID-19

Juventus and Portugal claim Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. The federation on its official website said that Cristiano Ronaldo will not play in Wednesday’s Nation league against Sweden. A 35-year-old, Cristiano Ronaldo had won the Ballon d’Or 5 times, has played a draw against France in Portugal’s goalless Nation League on Sunday…

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Muscle building and Fat loss at same time

People think that gaining muscle and losing fat are two different things. And we think that one cannot do both in the same interval. But, there is always a little confusion between fat loss and weight loss, again both are different. So, today I will impart little knowledge on these topics through this article. There…

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