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Perfect Colour Combination Ideas for Outfits

Choosing color combinations can either make your outfit or destroys it. So, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable while trying on new colors. To make you comfortable, I’ll be sharing different varieties of color combinations that can enhance your styling. Let’s embrace the rainbow together. Going from chick pinks and yellows to old grey, these trendy ideas will upgrade your styling to another level. So let us start with the perfect colour combinations of this year:

1. Yellow and Green:

There’s nothing fresh than morning grass on a sunny day, and this colour combination is just that fresh. Yellow and green look amazing on any complexion. To my dusky friend reading this, go for khaki, mustard, and olive green. Whereas, if you are fair complexioned focus on wearing bright summarily yellow and dark greens.

Yellow blazer + Green skirt

White shirt + green/yellow jewelry + pants yellow/green

2. Pink and pale blue:

pink and pale blue outfit ideas

Pale blue and pink may sound basic. But if you style it in the right manner, this colour combination can beat any bright outfit. This colour combination will remembers you of cotton candies and jasmines on a bright autumn day.

Soft blue sweater + pink jacket

Pink skirt +pale blue top+ accessories accordingly

3. Blue and Red:

red and blue outfit ideas

All-time favorite look red and blue can never go off the track. Be it a casual day or a formal occasion, this colour combination fits in everywhere. It’s classy and smartens up your style.

White shirt+ red jacket + blue jeans

Blue denim shirt + red jeans + black heels

4. Cobalt blue and Turquoise

cobalt blue and turquoise outfit ideas

The bright and powerful combination of cobalt blue and turquoise stands out every time. Pair this colour combination with a statement neckpiece and you will feel like dancing Senorita. Both gold and silver accessories go well with this combo.

Cobalt blue shrug + plain turquoise jumpsuit

Turquoise pants + cobalt blue shirt + white heels

5. Tan and Maroon:

tan and maroon combination

It’s usually hard to match neutral colors with any other color and we often end up looking drab. Rather, match the neutral color with deep maroon. It will give you a classy and rich look. The best part about this combination is that it suits every complexion.

Corduroy skirt + satin camisole

Tan top + maroon jeans

Tan pullover + maroon mini skirt + maroon stockings

6. Orange and Black:

orange and black outfit ideas

Be it a single item or a dress, this combination is a perfect mix. To lift a black outfit, one must wear additional bold colors and orange it is. Some people get shy wearing bold pants, but oh my lovelies ignore what society says and rock the world.

Orange flared pants + black crop top

Orange oversized coat + black skin fit jeans.

You may carry small handbags of either color.

7. Purple and White:

purple and white outfit ideas

White matches with literally anything, but nothing seems more perfect than combining it with purple. Style this outfit with some elegant accessories. Accessories will enhance your outfit to another level. Some outfits can be:

Purple dress + White shrug

Purple jumpsuit + white heels

White sweater + purple leggings + black boots




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