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Purified v/s Distilled v/s Regular Water: Know The Difference!

Your body is composed of 70% water and each cell in your body requires water for proper functioning. It is important to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and it is also important to drink pure and fresh water as drinking contaminated water can make you fall sick frequently. But it’s often very confusing to choose the best type of water. Distilled water and purified water, which are both different types of bottled water are mostly used by us as drinking water. But are distilled water and purified water the same? And do they share the same benefit and what about regular water? Or what type of bottled water should you drink? So let’s check out the answers to these questions:

Meaning of Purified and Distilled water

Purified water:

The filtered water is only called purified water. The normal tap water or groundwater when processed to get off all the contaminants like fungus, bacteria, algae, metals like copper and lead, and other harmful chemicals, what you get is called purified water. This is a safer form of water than regular water as regular water contains contaminants that adversely harm your health. One of the health benefits of purified water is that it has minerals that your body needs from water. Accessing purified water is also easier as there are many methods of purifying water. Also, it is important to drink bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.

Distilled water:

Distilled water is a type of purified water. It is also the purest form of water as it does not contains any contaminants like viruses, protozoa, chemicals, etc. The process of distillation includes boiling water into vapor and condensing back into liquid in a separate container. The impurities are left behind in the original container as they do not boil below or near the boiling point of water.

Purified water and distilled water:

Purified water and Distilled water, which are both different types of bottled water, are safer as compared to regular tap water. However, there are some risks of drinking distilled water as compared to purified water. Also drinking distilled water can provide certain advantages too.
Distilled water is better for you if you have a weak system as it is free of contaminants like chemicals and viruses. It can also help improve your kidney functions. Also, there are many other purification systems that can remove chlorine from distilled water that could make the taste of distilled water much better.

Distilled water is Although free from contaminants and in the process of distillation, along with impurities the essential minerals and electrolytes found in the water also get removed, so drinking distilled water can affect you negatively if you are not taking a proper diet with includes all nutrition that your body requires.

This can a potential risk of distilled water. Also, one more negative effect of distilled water is that it also pulls out minerals from your body. This when compared to purified water, it contains all minerals that you need from water and can be safer in this term. If you want your water to also provide you with essential minerals, you should prefer drinking purified water to distilled water.

The process of purified water does not remove essential minerals from water, it only removes the contaminants. So purified water would be healthier for you as compared to distilled water.

Purified water and regular water:

The regular water taps that are easily available at public places are sometimes safe due to steps taken by authorities. They are not that contaminated and may be safe for drinking. Although not all sources can be free of impurities. Drinking regular tap water can be harmful if the water is not free of contaminants. So you should switch to purified water specifically if your immunity is not strong because drinking tap water can make you fall sick often. The health benefits of Purified water is that it is free from impurities and harmful chemicals and also have essential nutrients that are essential for your immune system.

Also in countries where there is the availability of hygiene and drinking water is poor, you should always drink purified water as it is safer as compared to regular water. Also at places where there is proper maintenance of safe drinking water facilities, drinking regular tap water would not be harmful.


Water serves as an important contribution to life and drinking safe water is a must when you want to healthy. In India, most people do not get pure drinking water and they end up drinking contaminated water which adversely affects their health. So if you’re privileged you should try drinking water that is safe and not contaminated.

The different types of bottled water that is Distilled water and purified water, both are good and safe for drinking and at places where authorities are strict regular tap water can be also safe. However, it is important to drink bottled water that is free from impurities and also has minerals that can help you stay fit and healthy.


Q1. What is purified water? Is it the same as distilled?
Purified water is free of contaminants such as metals, chemicals, and other impurities that are found in water. No purified water is not the same as distilled as in the process of distillation, along with the contaminants and impurities the minerals that are found in water also gets removed.

Q2. How to purify your drinking water?
You can simply boil the regular tap water. Boiling the water can kill the impurities in the water, and make the water safe for drinking. you can also filter the water using a coffee filter or by electric and non-electric filtration at home.


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