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Reasons to choose organic food

In this world, where everything is prepared artificially, we all look for natural stuff. And organic food is such a type of food. It is one of the foods that has become prevalent nowadays. People wish for something natural which is directly brought from fields to the kitchen. This demand for organic foods is due to the health hazards caused by other conventional foods. Herby giving us reasons to go for organic foods.

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Organic food

Organic food is a kind of food that is produced without the addition of insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers. These foods are not processed by ionizing radiation. Neither any food additives are used. Organic products are naturally free from any fertilizers use. Organically reared animals aren’t fed antibiotics or had their growth artificially enhanced with growth hormones. Live export is banned and natural breeding methods are used.

Here are a few reasons why Organic food is different from conventional food.

1. Free from chemicals

Organic food is not genetically modified. These are not produced using harmful pesticides or insecticides.

  •  Chemicals like synthetic preservatives, synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics are not used.
  • Thus saves our body from weakness, tiredness, obesity, skin related problem,
    stomach related health hazard, and even from the deadliest cancer.
  • Eating organic reduces the number of chemicals in our diet.
  • Some of the farmers do use pesticides but they are derived from natural substances. Hence they are not hazardous to health.

2. Nutritious in nature

As being prepared without chemical methods, organic foods are higher in nutrients. It contains more vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients(iron, magnesium, phosphorus) than conventionally raised food. Also, no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors are used. Hence it is clean food with clean health benefits.

3. Delicious

Organic foods not only have nutritional qualities but also has a very good taste. Of course, a natural thing will taste good, right! Research shows that organic food has 69% higher levels of antioxidants, which makes it tastier. They are grown at a slow pace without any additives and the use of chemicals. They are even easy to cook. So that’s why they are tasty compared to inorganic food.

4. Helps the environment

It is the food that doesn’t cost the earth. Organic farming claims more environmental benefits. It helps to combat climate change. It allows wildlife to prosper and reduces the greenhouse gases released. Also helps to conserve water and also increase soil fertility as no fertilizers are used. Animal pastures are also benefited. The organic farmer keeps our water clean by stopping polluted runoff. It also conserves water, as organic products tend to require less irrigation than conventional products.

5.Cuts off the pollution

Organic foods reduce water and soil pollution. Such foods do not use typical fertilizers that deplete soils and pollute water supplies. It also cuts off air pollution due to less greenhouse gas emissions.

Frequently asked questions(FAQS)

1.Why is organic food so expensive?
Ans- Organic foods are expensive because they have a high production cost and require great labour and time. Such foods are produced on a small scale in small volumes for less population.

2. Does organic last longer?
Ans – According to research organic food does not last long. There is no addition of any preservatives or additives in organic food as compared to other conventional foods. That’s why they cannot last longer and get spoiled. So they should be consumed within the time limit.

Apart from these, there are heaps of reasons for choosing organic foods. Organic foods are the best health food. So if you care about health go for these foods. Though these foods are a little bit costly they are not costlier than the health hazard and the health treatments that you take after eating other foods.

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