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Trendy Simple Nail Ideas | Short Nail Designs

The decency of your personality isn’t only represented by the way you look but also the way you paint your nails. Every girl out there wants beautiful looking painted nails with simple nail ideas and with the festival season arriving, it’s a must. Are you too one of them who wants your nails to give a classy makeover? So here are few Trendy simple nail ideas with pictures :

Latest Simple Nail Ideas 2021:

Well, this short nail idea never goes out of trend. If you have short nails you can use this idea to make your nails look simple yet very attractive. Just paint your nails with any natural nail paint of your choice and paint the top of the nails with any bright or dark color like white or red. This is a very simple nail idea and the best part is you can get it done by yourself at home itself.

The Black Love:

Painting your nails black will never go out of fashion, so this time give your nails a glittery black makeover along with matte dark grey. You can add golden glitter to black nail paint. This simple nail idea will give your nails a very classy look.

Golden Foil Simple Nail Ideas:

This is another very trendy yet simple nail art idea if you have short nails. You can get this short nail idea by adding little gold foil hearts over a nude color. It’s very easy and simple nail idea that you can get at your home.

Christmas Stars:

One of the very cute looking very simple nail art ideas can be adding little red and green stars to your nails. It’s Christmas time and so it’s the best time to go for this nail art idea. It can go with long and short nail designs.

trendy red nail paint ideas

Glossy Red Nail Paint Designs:

Red is the hottest color to apply to your nails and you can make them look more attractive by adding crystals. Coloring all the fingernails red except the ring fingernails and glue crystals on them would make your nails look very enticing and beautiful.

animal print nail polish designs

Animal Paw Print Nails:

This is one of the very trending nail art that you might have seen on the internet. This is also one of the very simple nail art ideas and is suitable for both long and short nails. Just color your nails with pink and add a strip of white in the middle and add black small shapes like paws on it. It is one of the very different nail art ideas that you can try on this festival season.

The Winter Theme:

This winter theme is so classy and so hot as you have the burgundy red color in this simple nail art idea. And what makes this nail art even more interesting is a cute little snowman on your ring fingernail. Also adding snowflakes on your nails makes it look so alluring and lovely. So this is a simple nail art idea that you may consider this Christmas.

green leaves nail paint design

The Gorgeous Black And Golden Nail Leaves:

So this is another great idea if you have shorter nails. It’s very easy and simple nail art idea, you just have to paint your nails in any light shade color. Make some small leaves outlining it with black and filling up the spaces with golden color. This is a very simple yet very classy short nail design idea that you can consider.

Peach, White and Golden Glitter Nails:

If you are not a fan of those dark shades of nail paints you can simply go for this simple nail art idea. You simply have to just paint your small fingernail and index fingernail half white with the background of peach color in all the nails. Also adding golden glitter on the ring fingernail. Basically, this is the most classy and simple nail art idea if you want to keep it simple yet attractive. Also, this can go with any outfit, from traditional to modern.

winter mood nails

Fresh Nails With Small Gold Foils:

If you don’t want to paint your nails with any color and keep it fresh then here is your nail art idea. This short nail design doesn’t require any efforts. As you just have to keep your nails fresh. You only paint them with the transparent white gel paint to make it appear luscious and add torn small pieces of gold foils. And here are your nails ready to flaunt.

So these are some simple nail art idea for short and long nails that you can try on this festive season. These nail art ideas are very simple to work on and you can also give a makeover to your nails without even visiting a salon and also save your pocket.


Q1. How do I get better at nail art?
To get better at nail art the very first thing that you should remember is learning symmetry. Symmetry is a very important part of nail art as it helps you to make designs very fluently. Also, use a very good brush for designing your nails. And the last thing to remember is to clean up.

Q2. How to cut your nails at home?
To cut your fingernails at home try to cut them across the nail, and also shape them with a filer. So, cut the sides of your nails circularly. This will keep your nails strong.


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