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Sitting All Day? Tips To Avoid Back and Neck Pain

According to a report, eight out of ten people suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their life. As we know that during this lockdown period, many people have to work online from home. Lack of proper ergonomic setup and postural discipline causes work in the neck and back after sitting for hours. Most of us do not indulge in routine exercise and physical activities. Watching continuously on a laptop screen during official work, binge-watching your favourite show for hours in an improper sitting and sleeping position, irregular sleep and diet habits are the factors imposing an extra toll on the body. Here are some tips to avoid and reduce back and neck pain. 

Exercise: Exercise is the best way to keep you fit, whether you love to do it or not. It strengthens your body, enhances your mental health, and improve your immune system. Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and stretching are some basic and easy exercises to improve your body flexibility. Tai Chi is especially useful for people who sit for a long, have limited mobility, recovering from injury or balance problems. Some other exercise like Neck Stretches, Shoulder Stretches, Abdominal Stretches, Glutes Stretches, and Hamstring Stretches could help a lot to avoid body pain due to sitting all day.


  1. Balanced Diet And Proper Nutrition Intake

Diet is one of the most important factors, our body reacts according to our food. Eat food with high nutritional value and try to maintain a diet schedule. Use more Protein and Vitamin C in your diet may help to reduce pain and muscle soreness.


  1. Take A Warm Bath To Reduce Pain And Stress

A warm bath has more psychological benefits and it is always worth try. After exercise and stretching, getting a warm bath helps our muscles to relax. It also reduces the stress level and keeps the body more active.


  1. Change the Sitting Setup

Ensure a footrest while sitting on the working chair. Always try to sit cross leg, this lifts your spine and reduces back pain. For every sitting of 30 minutes, take at least a three-minute break. Try walking or standing for this time and keep stretching. 


  1. Practice Makes Person Perfect

To reduce the stress and pain in any part of the body, flexibility is most important. Flexibility is not something you can change overnight. It increases with regular exercise and practice. You must have to be consistent and follow the schedule regularly. Apart from this, avoid long sitting in the same posture. Try to move in between even for a jiffy.




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