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Choosing sunglasses isn’t rocket science, but a few points are needed to be considered before purchasing a new pair. First, check what all fundamental features you need- like coated or polarizes lens. Then pick out the shape of the sunglass according to your face type. It’s okay if you are not aware of your face shape. I’ll be sharing some best goggles according to face shape. Have a look at these great ideas given below:

Round face

Round :

If you have a round face, then my suggestion to you is to avoid round shape sunglasses. Rather go for rectangular, square, and angular ones.

Sunglasses for round face:
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses are forever in trend. Whenever we think about glasses, this is the first image that clicks to our minds. Aviator lenses were originally made in Itlay with glare blocking feature.
Jacques Marie Mage Fellini Noir sunglasses are the most coveted ones. These frames are crafted in Japan with gold accents. These glasses are good to go for round-faced people.

Oval face


You are lucky if you have an oval face. Most of the sunglasses will look great on you. The only thing to keep in mind is that make sure that the frame is smaller than your face.

Sunglasses for oval face:
Neubau Hannes Sunglasses originally made in Austria have flexible stainless steel frames with great quality. There is a huge range of colors available and these glasses are good to go with every outfit.
Native Sons Lansky Sunglasses are midcentury designed glasses. Mostly made with gold plating and organic cotton-based acetate. These glasses will give you a royal look. Oval faced people should go for this one.

Square face


Round glasses suit you the best. The square jaws and round glasses combination is a success. Go for frames that match your face width plus note that the frames do not have thick lines (corners).
Genesee Roeper sunglasses are cheap and fashionable. The best option for square-faced people. These are vintage frames that are affordable and stylish. Plus they have a huge range of colors available.

heart face


If you have a narrower chin and broad forehead, then you are heart faced. Mostly angular frames are good to go option for you. Just avoid any frame with a broad shape and rather go for pointed corner frames.
Ace & Tate Hudson sunglasses are made with good quality acetate and anti-scratch facility. These glasses come with a two-year guarantee and are affordable. My heart faced friends do try this shape out, you will love it.

triangle face


The tear dropped shape (the frame that is going upward towards the corner) will be best for you. This shaped glasses will emphasize the dimensional balance. Square frames with dark lenses will be a cherry on the cake.
Raen Aren Sunglasses are angular frames with crystal black acetate features. These frames are available in narrow as well as wide sizes. Mainly the brand makes four colors that fit on any occasion.
Persol Pilot Sunglasses are classic aviator sunglasses that are the best fit for triangular faced people. Plus these are stylish and user-friendly.








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